What Is Meant By Real Estate Listings

Real estate listings pertain to listings of homes that are for sale in your location. When a home is brought to the market with the help of a real estate agent, they are get listed on what is called the Multiple Listing Service.

Multiple listing service makes compilation of all homes that are placed on the market in the state. By utilizing this service, real estate agents can find homes that are for sale to help their costumer in purchasing with great selections purchase. But, what can you get out of reading the real estate listings?

If you decide selling a home, the real estate listings in your area are essential to read and understand. Having that step, not only do they tell you what your competition for home sales is, but they also help you to come up with your wise decisions about the value of your home.

When you read the real estate listings in your area, you can see what others are showcasing with their home for sale at, and adjust your homes value based on the features, age and size or dimension of their home to yours. Real estate agents are using this information to help you to accurately decide about the price your home.

Real estate listings are generally designed for buyers. By presenting information that a home is for sale, individuals can clearly see that this is one alternative that they have. When you work with your real estate agent, you’ll want to find the best possible homes that fit your price range as well as your needs.

Real estate listings are something you should look at yourself, but they should not be the only thing that you do. You should work with a good real estate agency that is going to track down homes that fit your needs and your, of course, budget. You want to find all of your options so that you can make the right decision fully.

Internet Real Estate listings

The Internet provides opportunities for success to both home buyer and seller. Through it, both can have an easy trading deal even if the are just on virtual discussions.

When you are in this business, it is strongly recommended that you are able to join in Internet based trading because it is a great way for your success. In fact when you have your own domain, interested property or home buyers tend to check back to your website every week, in the hope of finding fresh properties. So, it is indeed a great way for better sales.

Expired Listings Marketing Tips for Real Estate Investors

Expired listings marketing is an exceptional tool which can help real estate investors locate profitable properties. Expired listings occur when real estate contracts between buyers and realtors expire. Investors can quickly locate homeowners eager to sell their property by reviewing expired real estate listings provided through the multiple listings service (MLS).

Real estate investors must develop an expired listings marketing plan. The first step requires investors to understand the mindset of sellers. Property owners are often anxious and stressed out when their property listing expires without attracting qualified buyers.

Anyone trying to sell their home is painfully aware that attracting buyers in today’s real estate market is challenging. However, when property owners need to sell their house quick to prevent foreclosure or relocate they want results, not excuses. Investors must develop marketing strategies that will place a “sold” sign in front of the seller’s home.

Investors must commit to frequently checking the MLS database to locate expired listings. When realtors locate promising properties they send out an expired listing letter in an attempt to obtain a new real estate contract. Investors often compete against multiple realtors, so it is important to develop marketing materials that stand above those offered by real estate agents.

Sellers need assurance that investors will provide results. Many investors make the mistake of tooting their own horn by focusing expired listing marketing materials on past successes. While it is important to highlight achievements, marketing materials should focus primarily on addressing sellers’ needs. By providing solutions to fears and concerns, investors can connect with sellers on a personal level.

Property owners need to know that investment companies understand their concerns and have solutions for their home selling problems. While sellers might be impressed that an investor sold dozens of expired listing homes, they want to know how investors plan to sell their home when their realtor was unable to accomplish the task.

Expired listings marketing materials must also address how investors plan to compete in a buyer’s market. Most sellers understand they are in competition with an abundance of reduced price bank owned foreclosure properties. Buyers can easily purchase homes below market value and rarely offer the full asking price for houses even if they are in excellent condition.

One of the most common reasons real estate listings expire is because sellers refuse to lower their price. Investors should focus on providing creative financing options in their marketing brochures and outline how these strategies can help sellers obtain the highest offer for their property. Financing options might include 1031 exchanges, lease-to own, subject to and seller carry back mortgages.

When creating expired listings marketing campaigns it is important to develop several pieces that build upon the last. For example, investors would develop an initial contact letter which introduces their company and summarizes available services.

A few days later, investors send an expired listing postcard offering a complimentary consultation. They would then follow-up with a brochure that addresses common concerns of selling in a buyer’s market. They might wrap-up the campaign by making a phone call which utilizes an expired listings marketing script.

Investors who are not adept at creating marketing materials should enlist the help of a marketing company that specializes in real estate. Another option is to purchase real estate marketing kits which include premade scripts and templates.

Last, but not least, investors must thoroughly understand the process of expired listings to ensure they can deliver on promises made. Expired real estate listings can be a profitable investment niche for those who take time to learn the process and develop strong marketing materials and follow-up plans.

How to Estimate & Determine a Property’s Value Accurately!

As an Certified Appraiser I can tell you that the most common mistake that many beginning real estate investors make is that they pay too much for property. Fact is overpaying for property is often cited as the number one reason why so many newcomers fail to make it as profitable real estate investors. That’s because most beginning real estate investors are woefully under capitalized, and they don’t have the deep pockets that are needed to subsidize their overpriced real estate investments.

For many neophyte investors, paying too much for their first investment property usually proves to be a very costly and fatal mistake, and marks the beginning of the end of their foray into real estate. That’s why it’s imperative that you learn how to accurately estimate the current market value of potential investment properties! As far as I’m concerned, it’s the single most important aspect of the entire real estate investment business!
A Fast $50,000 Profit for Knowing the Value of a Condemned House

I once bought a real estate option on a filthy, neglected, run-down, but structurally sound house in a neighborhood-in-transition within Los Angeles, California, that had been condemned for building, safety, health and fire code violations. This place looked like something right out of downtown Baghdad, Iraq! It had what code enforcement inspectors commonly refer to as accumulations of every type of debris, garbage and junk known to mankind! The property’s owner lived in Westerville, Ohio, and wanted the steady stream of threatening letters from the Winter Park Code Enforcement Board to stop.

I had done my homework, and knew the property was worth at least $450,000 after it was cleaned up. I ended up paying $2500 for a six month option to purchase the house for $365,000. It cost me $10,000 to have all of the accumulations removed from the property, and the house, driveway and walkways pressure washed. Three weeks later, I sold my real estate option agreement for a $65,000 profit! This never would have happened if I had been clueless about how to estimate property values. Since I had an accurate estimate as to how much the property was worth in its current condition, I was able to negotiate a below market purchase price that was based on the property’s filthy, neglected, run-down non-marketable condition, and not on how much it might have been worth after it had been cleaned up.
No Kelly Blue Book for Real Estate Investors to Look Up Property Values
Sadly, there’s no Kelly Blue Book equivalent for real estate investors to lookup used property prices in, so you’re going to have to learn for yourself how to estimate the current market value of potential investment properties. However, thanks to computers and the Internet, in most real estate markets it’s not that difficult to get a rough estimate of a property’s current market value. This is especially true for real estate investors located in counties where all property ownership, sale and tax assessment records are available online.
The Definition of Market Value
The Appraisal Foundation’s Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, defines market value as: “The most probable price a property should bring in a competitive and open market under all conditions requisite to a fair sale, the buyer and seller each acting prudently and knowledgeably, and assuming the sale price isn’t affected by undue stimulus.”
The Difference Between Assessed Value and Appraised Value
The difference between a property’s tax-assessed value and its appraised value is as follows:

1. Tax Assessed Value: Tax-assessed value is the value established by the local taxing authority for a parcel of land and the improvements placed upon the land for property tax purposes. For example, in Florida, owner-occupied single-family houses are generally assessed at around seventy percent of their fair market value by county property appraisers.

2. Appraised Value: Appraised value is the value estimate given to a property by a licensed property appraiser using accepted appraisal methods for the type of property being appraised. For example, the accepted appraisal method to accurately estimate the fair market value for an owner-occupied single-family house is the comparison sales method where a property’s value is based on the recent sale of comparable properties within the same area.
The Three Common Methods Used to Estimate Property Values
The three most common methods used by property appraisers to estimate property values are the:

1. Comparison Sales Method: The comparison sales method bases a property’s value on the recent sale prices of properties that are within the same area and comparable in size, quality, amenities and features.

2. Income Method: The income method is used to estimate the value of an income producing property based on the net income the property produces.

3. Replacement Cost Method: The replacement cost method is based on what it would cost to replace the improvements on property using similar construction materials and construction methods by a contractor like ABC Roofing.

The Comparison Sales Method of Estimating a Property’s Value

The comparison sales method of estimating a property’s value is based on the recent sale prices of properties within the same area that are comparable in size, amenities and features. In order to be accurate, sale price adjustments must be made for comparable properties that have been sold at unrealistically low prices or on overly favorable financial terms not readily available to the buying public.

The Income Method of Estimating a Property’s Value

The income method is used to estimate the value of an income producing property based on the net income the property produces. Under the income method value is calculated using a:

1. Capitalization Rate. The capitalization rate, or cap rate, is calculated by dividing a property’s annual net operating income by its purchase price.

2. Gross Rent Multiplier. The gross rent multiplier, or GRM, is calculated by dividing the purchase price by the property’s monthly gross operating income.

Watch Out for Owners Using Fuzzy Math

A word to the wise: when you read a property’s income and expense statement, you should always go under the assumption that the owner is probably practicing fuzzy math by fudging on the numbers, and telling little white lies to back them up. Also, use a monthly income and expense analysis worksheet like the sample copy below, to cross-check everything that’s listed on a property’s income and expense statement in order to reconcile the statement with receipts and tax returns against what’s shown on:

1. Schedule E (Supplemental Income and Loss) of the owner’s latest federal income tax return.

2. The property’s latest annual tax assessment income and expense statement on file at the county property appraiser or assessor’s office.

3. All of the rental agreements for the past year.

4. Water, sewage, solid waste, gas and electric bills for the past year.

5. Repair and capital improvement bills for the past year.

The Replacement Cost Method of Estimating a Property’s Value

The replacement cost method of estimating a property’s value is based on the cost of replacing the improvements on the property minus the cost of the land to estimate a property’s value. Replacement costs are calculated on a per square foot basis by dividing the total number of square feet in the building by the per square foot construction cost. For example, a two thousand square foot convenience store that cost $375,000 to build would have a replacement cost of $187.50 per square foot, $375,000 divided by 2000.

How to Get Free Building Replacement Cost Estimates

You can usually get a free building replacement cost estimate by calling a local independent insurance broker who represents insurers that specialize in providing property and casualty insurance coverage for residential and commercial buildings. When you call a broker, tell them that you want a replacement cost quote. Property replacement costs are calculated by using a replacement cost formula that’s based on the property’s geographical location and its:

1. Street address.
2. Age.
3. Type of construction.
4. Number of stories.
5. Type of roof.
6. Current use.
7. Heating and cooling system.
8. Square footage.

Use the Eight-Step Approach to Estimate a Property’s Current Market Value

Use the following eight-step approach and the current value worksheet on the following page to get a rough estimate of a potential investment property’s current market value:

Step # 1: Log onto your county’s property appraiser or assessor’s Web site to obtain the tax assessed value of the property under consideration.

Step # 2: Search your county’s property tax rolls for recent sales of three to five properties that are comparable in size, amenities and features, and located within two miles of the property under consideration.

Step # 3: Carefully analyze any comparable properties that you find, and make sale price adjustments for differences in amenities, special features and the property’s physical condition.

Step # 4: Verify the income and expenses that are listed on the income and expense statement of the property under consideration.

Step # 5: Analyze the property’s income and expenses for the past twelve months to estimate its net operating income potential.

Step # 6: Calculate the property’s capitalization rate by dividing its potential operating income by the estimated value that you derived from analyzing recent sales of comparable properties in step number three.

Step #7: Estimate the property’s value by multiplying its net operating income by the capitalization rate you came up with for the property.

Step # 8: Calculate the cost of replacing the improvements on the property using the same building materials and method of construction.

Real Estate Adds Up Your Money Value

Real estate over the years has seen massive development. There is a lot that has changed in the way homes were built over the last decade and much credit needs to be given to the real estate developers for this development. And among the developers, there is one such developer called Ajnara. Over the years it has shown massive development coming up with projects across prominent locations to reach this position like the Noida Expressway projects and Greater Noida.

Among the many projects that they have come up with, there is one called Ambrosia. It is one of the premier projects being offered by this ace real estate developer. The best part about this project is that it is a theme based project. The theme on which this project is based is Spain. Yes, everything here is based on the Spanish theme. Right from the architecture to the landscaping, the amenities, everything here are inspired from the Spanish counterparts.

Located in the posh Sector 118 in Noida, this is one of the best projects being offered by the real estate developer. These 2/3/4 BHK apartments are spacious and spread over a super area of 1095 to 1995 square feet. The prices are also not all that high and you can enjoy luxurious living here at a price starting at 43.46 lakhs onwards.

The amenities here are also something to look forward to. They are something that will truly make you feel like you are at the best location. The amenities here include a luxurious state of the art club including spa, steam and sauna. Apart from this there is a lot more to look forward to here. Some other amenities here include a fully equipped gymnasium, swimming pool with kid’s pool, a basket ball and badminton court for your fitness and entertainment, ultra modern visitor’s lounge for that perfect impression on your visitors, golf cart for dropping the visitors and so much more. This makes sure that these apartments are one of the most sought after residences.

All in all, this is one of the best projects in the vicinity. So, in case you are looking for that perfect residential apartment, this project spread over 18 acres is one of the best places to check out before you actually take a call. Wide roads within the complex, fountains in the front courtyard,     beautifully arched corridor and entrance and so much more make this project all the more desirable and it is also available as a resale property in Noida.

How to Value Commercial Real Estate

Investing in Real Estate for Income - CSA Images / Vetta / Getty ImagesOne of the first questions you’ll ask yourself when you are looking at a new property to purchase is: What is this property worth? That is a different question then: How much can I pay? And it’s still different then: What can I get this property for? But all of those questions need answers before you put in an offer to purchase a new property.

How an investor chooses to value a property can depend on the size of the property or the sophistication of the purchaser. We rely on the simple methods, both because we are new to commercial investing, and because we’re looking at small properties. But, simple doesn’t mean less reliable or less accurate when it comes to commercial valuation.

Essentially, there are three ways to value a commercial property:

1. Direct Comparison Approach

2. Cost Approach

3. Income Approach (which includes the DCF method and the Capitalization Method).

The direct comparison approach uses the recent sale details of similar properties (similar in size, location and if possible, tenants) as comparables. This method is quite common, and is often used in combination with the Income Approach.

The cost approach, also called the replacement cost approach, is not as common. And it’s just what it sounds like, determining a value for what it would cost to replace the property.

The third, and most common way of valuing commercial real estate is using the income approach. There are two commonly used income approaches to value a property. The simpler way is the capitalization rate method. Capitalization Rate, more commonly called the “Cap Rate”, is a ratio, usually expressed in a percent, that is calculated by dividing the Net Operating Income into the Price of the Property. The cap rate method of valuing a property is where you determine what is a reasonable cap rate for the subject property (by looking at other property sales), then dividing that rate into the NOI for the property (NOI is The Net Operating Income. It’s equal to income minus vacancy minus operating expenses). Or, you could figure out the asking cap rate of the property by dividing the NOI by the asking price.

For example, if a property has leases in place that will bring in, after expenses (but not including financing) an NOI of $10,000 in the next year and comparable properties sell for cap rates of 6% then you can expect your property to be worth approximately $166,666 ($10,000/.06 = $166,666). Or, said another way, if the asking price of a property is $169,000, and it’s NOI is estimated at $10,000 for the next year, the asking cap rate is approximately 6%.
Where this gets tricky is when properties are vacant, or where the leases are set to expire in the upcoming year. This is often when you are forced to make some assumptions. (We’ll save how you deal with this for another day.)

The other income method is the DCF method, or the Discounted Cash Flow method. The DCF method is often used in valuing large properties like downtown office buildings or property portfolios. It’s not simple, and it’s a bit subjective. Multiple year cash flow projections, assumptions about lease rates and property improvements and expense projections are used to calculate what the property is worth today. Basically, you figure out all of the cash that will be paid out and all of the cash that will be brought in on a monthly basis over a specific period of time (usually the time you plan to hold the building for). Then you determine what those future cashflows are worth today. There are computer programs like Argus Software that help in these types of valuations because there are many variables and many calculations involved.

For the small investors, like us, using a combination of comparable property sales and income valuation using cap rates, will provide a reliable valuation. The real issue is convincing the seller that they should sell based on today’s income and today’s comparable properties. In the case of a mixed use commercial building we just tried to buy, the seller was pricing their property based on assumptions that leases will renew in the next 6 months at substantially higher rates and that the area of the property will continue to improve making the property more desirable. Unfortunately, we don’t buy properties hoping for appreciation. We buy properties today because the property will put more money in our pocket each month then it takes out, and the property fits within our investing goals.

How to Pick a Residential Real Estate Agent

The real estate industry has grown and expanded significantly over the years. More people are warming up to the idea of making real estate investments all over the world. However, not everyone has the time or the expertise needed to run a real estate business. This is one of the main reasons why most people in the business prefer to acquire a property then hire a real estate agent to do the rest. The only problem they face is that finding a good residential real estate agent may be difficult. Below are some of the steps one should follow when finding a residential real estate agent.

Choose a number of real estate agents

The first thing one should do is to interview a number of real estate agents. The job will be advertised and a number of agents will apply for the position. After this is done, one will be in a position to choose the ones are likely to perform the job perfectly and which ones are not. It is not advisable to single out one agent yet because one has to be completely sure that the agent that he or she will choose to hire will be up for the task.

Get testimonials

The second step to finding a good real estate agent is to get testimonials from their previous clients. This should be done preferably without the knowledge of the real estate agent in question. The benefit that one stands to get from this exercise include the following

First, one will have an unbiased opinion on how the real estate agent deals with his or her customers. The real estate agent directly represents the real estate organization, and therefore how they deal with their potential customers will have a significant effect on the business as a whole. One should ensure that they are always treated cordially and with respect.

The second advantage is that one will be able to assess how good the real estate agent is at his or her job.  Although the real estate agent might be good at handling clients, he or she also has to be able to convince them to lease or buy properties.  He or she has to be able to be productive at all times. These two will enable one to come up with a shorter list of potential residential real estate agents.


This is the last but arguably the most crucial step of the process.  In most states, there are regulatory boards that look into the licensing of residential real estate agents to reduce the general amount of issues arising from disagreements or fraud between real estate companies and their customers. This is an area that not many people know about so it often goes unnoticed. However, one should insist on real estate agents that have all the necessary documentation and licenses from the regulatory boards before hiring them. This will be instrumental in maintaining the corporate image and it will also reduce the risk of running into trouble with the authorities because of licensing issues.

In conclusion, the process of finding a good residential real estate agent is quite involved and time consuming. However, it is necessary that one follows all these steps to ensure that the person that he or she picks for the job is qualified and has the necessary skills for the job.

Written by the experts at Columbia Real Estate, the most knowledgeable agents for real estate Columbia, MO has to offer.

How I Became An Expert on Sales

Guide to Housing in Chiang Mai In South East Asia, Chiang Mai is now considered as the favorite destinations for both work and permanent residence. Therefore, it’s not surprising why it is now referred to as the new expat community – different nationals are seen permanently staying in this part of Thailand. Another unique characteristic of the city is the combination of different ethnic groups and cultures – this makes the region even more alluring. In the North of Thailand, Chiang Mai attractively sits. As they say, this is exactly where the most breathtaking mountains of Thailand can be seen. All the best that nature can offer is said to be located here – water falls, rivers, parks and so much more. The activities that await the traveler will include trekking, zip lining, canopy walking and other great and exciting outdoor activities. Have you ever wondered, what are known as Chang Mai’s main and ultimate attractions? The temples that are located in Chiang Mai are the reasons why it’s popularly called the City of Hundred Temples. If someone tries to get out and enjoy the view, then an ancient and historic stroll is advisable – he or she will get to discover great museums and appreciate the walled city too. There are also buffalo farms and zoos that are perfect for the animal lovers and enthusiasts.
The Beginner’s Guide to Sales
The Chiang Mai homes and real estate are very huge over the years mainly because of the special characteristic that can only be seen in this part of Thailand – this is because the city has the charm of a quaint provincial town and at the same time, the sophistication of a modern city. The city may not seem to be an Asian city once you go to summer markets and groceries as the products sold are international; better yet, communicating will not be a problem with the vast use of the English language incorporated in majority of the schools and educational institutions.
The Beginner’s Guide to Sales
Someone finding a place to rent in the city will find it the most convenient task, regardless of the cost and specifications he or she may have in mind – there are so many to choose from.The place may be in the city but the prices come very low and cheap. There is a large price range for the different kinds of rentals, but generally, all prices are reasonable. Regardless of the number of people moving in or the style of home preferred by the individual, there is no denying that they will be able to get exactly what they want and are looking for. But for most foreigners, the traditional wooden Thai house seems to be a very popular choice and preference.

8 tips on how to rent a room for a long term

Usually you have to rent a room, when you do not have enough money for an apartment. Or when you cannot afford the apartment of your dream. Or when you just want to live with someone because, sometimes, it is more convenient: there is someone you can trust your cat and flowers with during holidays. In addition, you can meet someone interesting. By the way, we recommend you also learn more about types of roommates to find out what kind of roommate you are and what to expect from your future neighbor.

So, in short, the reasons can different, but, in most cases, you need to find both an apartment and a roommate quickly and without any problems.

There are three effective ways of finding a roommate:

1. Through friends. The easiest way is to flip through the contacts on your phone. You may recall that recently some of your friends told you about the intention to rent an apartment or a room. Inform as many people as possible about the fact that you are looking for an apartment and a roommate.

2. Via social networks. Tell people about your plans for a joint lease on your page on social networks and the chances of finding an accommodation will increase significantly.

3. Via forums. If this does not work, expand the circle: go to special online resources and forums to find a neighbor for a joint lease. There you can find someone to live with or like-minded people with whom you can team up in order to find an apartment.

In general, when renting an apartment there are five important factors.

1. The validity of the given information. About 60% of advertisements are not true. You call the following number and find out that “the apartment is already rented, but there are many other options.” You are asked to give your email address, which is then entered into the database and flooded with spam. Try to contact the ads of reputable companies or individuals. Skip ads with implausible prices. Think twice before you leave your contacts to some realtor with whom you once spoke on the phone.

2. Act quickly. Having found an interesting option, you should call immediately. Rental market is very dynamic. When you call, arrange a seeing soon.

3. Signing a contract. You should immediately assign the contract date. To avoid troubles and disputes, both property owner and tenant’s relationships should be documented. If you are cooperating with a realtor, the provision of a standard lease agreement in two copies is his job.

4. Examination of documents. Before you make the payment and sign a contract, you should scrutinize the documents such as a passport, a certificate of ownership of housing. These documents must be provided to you personally by the owner or the person who has the power of attorney notary. Be prepared to show your documents as well.

5. Collection of information. Ask the owner where the nearest shops, clinics etc. are; How to pay utility bills. Ask about the neighbors; voice all the questions you that come to your mind. Be sure to check all keys given to you.

So, we hope you find our tips useful and informative but here is one more tip: if you found an apartment and you have plenty of stuff, don’t forget that you can always rent storage Toronto and leave your things there without having to move them into your new apartment.

Checklist Before Choosing from the Numerous Houses for Sale in Winter Haven FL

bydesignreA checklist indicates if you are prepared for something important. For example: before your wedding, you kept a checklist of things to be done or your requirements in applying for a job. This guarantees that you have everything ready. For the same reason, you need a checklist in buying Houses for Sale in Winter Haven FL.

[1] A better chance to get a mortgage are by (1) making a credit reports review; (2) ensuring that all old debts are paid or settled; (3) not applying for any new credit at least one year before applying for financing; and (4)  keeping the moratorium in place until after you close on your home.

[2] Realistic debt-to-income ratio: A secure formula for conventional loan is that household expenses should not be over 28% of your gross income per month. Before shopping for your home, calculate your home mortgage payment in your intended price range, along with other increased expenses to include insurance, taxes and utilities. Then bank the difference between that amount and what you are spending now.

[3] Consider that there are loan fees to be paid: Whatever is the amount of your source of loan, you must set aside payment for closing costs. Get closing costs average by banking your own money and seeking down payment assistance. Search online with the city name, then the county name, along with word combinations such as “assistance for down payment,” “first timer homebuyers” and “assistance for homebuyer’s.”

[4] Build your savings for the down payment and closing. To be a better candidate for loan, set aside three to five months’ worth of mortgage payments. Most lenders and backers, like the FHA, will give you a little more latitude on other factors if they see that you have a cash cushion. By saving money every month, you improve your chances of getting a loan.

[5] Buy the house you like. If you’re buying today for yourself and your family, you want a home that will make you happy for the next few years. Gone are the days when you could count on a quick sale; today, you can take time to make your choice.

It is advisable for you to read buying tips for Winter Haven homes for sale so you will avoid common mistakes committed by those who came before you.

You will get the best opportunity by clicking http://bydesignre.com/ or visiting ByDesign Real Estate Service. Homes for sale in Winter Haven, FL. are not only lovely but located in the best place. It is surrounded by gorgeous lakes and bountiful citrus groves.

From Winter Haven, it only takes 75 minutes to drive east to Vero Beach or west to Tampa Bay. Beautiful houses are affordable that Central Florida has become top choice for those in search of places to make their homes. With the great weather, very low cost of living, friendly people and beaches, Winter Haven FL. is your best choice.

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By Design Real Estate Services
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33880, USA

Real Estate Listing Pre-Packages Must Haves

The very best pre-listing packages have two things in common.  First, they should exude your own personal branding.  Second, they should use the “less is more” approach.  Here’s what I mean by that.

Personal Branding

It’s no longer the real estate company you work for that’s foremost in most prospect’s minds.  Today, people work with a real estate professional who has won them over with their own ability and professionalism, not their company’s.  Therefore, you are the brand they’re assessing, so you must do much more nowadays to establish and build that branding.

One of the foundations of your branding is having a visual image people recognize.  So you should hire a professional graphic designer and have them design and unify all your marketing materials with a consistent and professional image.  Hiring one of these people is one of the very best investments you can ever make in this business.  It will pay for itself many times over.  One of the key things to look for in a designer is someone who can readily understand who you are and what you’re trying to achieve in general and can translate that into marketing materials without a lot of iterations back and forth.  You should be able to give them a thumbnail sketch of whatever you want to create and they should be able to quickly manifest just what you’re looking for.

I want to stress the importance of hiring a professional to do this.  If you try to do it yourself, even with today’s advanced technology and software, it’ll be obvious to your prospects that you did it yourself and didn’t hire a professional.  If you haven’t had a professional do your marketing materials, your prospects will be less inclined to view you as a professional too.  Don’t forget: you are the brand, and if your brand isn’t professional looking, neither are you.  Moreover, if you cheap out on a graphic designer for your own marketing, why would a home seller believe you’ll do anything different when marketing their home?

Less Is More

Adopt the “less is more” strategy with your presentation materials.  You can’t do an effective presentation if your presentation materials have lots of writing.  Your presentation materials should be as brief as a PowerPoint presentation done on an overhead projector to an audience.  Bullet points should be the rule here, and verbally elaborate upon each point to your prospects.

You should also employ “less is more” with the amount of material you cover in any given area.  The sellers really just want an overview of each area.  They don’t need to know detailed data on the past few years of interest rates or market analysis.  An overview

tyle of presenting makes it easy for the recipients to digest.  Of course, the sellers may want more information on a particular area, so be prepared to follow up with this information if you don’t have it on hand.

Ubud, Bali, Property Investment: Five Great Reasons Why Ubud Real Estate Will Grow in Value

Bali is one of the worlds’ most sought after tourist destinations. Its unique ancient Hindu culture is rich with elaborate religious ceremonies and processions that occur almost daily.

Bali Ceremonial Procession

Five Great Reasons for Property Investment in Ubud:

1. Ubud is the art and dance cultural center of Bali. Located in the center of the island-state, this small village is one of Bali’s three primary tourist areas. Ubud thrives on a steady, dynamic level of tourism that stimulates a fast growing real estate business climate for both commercial and residential properties. Bali’s stable provincial government is democratically elected and encourages an open and welcoming business climate since economic growth adds greater tax revenues that permit new and ongoing development projects. The government’s ever increasing investment in infrastructure stimulates even more foreign investment and the implementation of new business standards and regulations underpin long term economic success strategies that point to sustained growth in coming decades. Even during the recent global economic crisis, Indonesia maintained approximately a 6% growth rate. This burgeoning economic giant in the region was little influenced by the downtrend, primarily because the Indonesian financial system doesn’t function as a credit-based economy. Most foreign investment in real estate is on a cash basis. Today property values maintain a steadily increasing growth curve and the investment value of property in Ubud continues to augment because of the town’s popularity amongst tourists and locals alike.

2. Ubud, a quaint little village of only 8000 people, is a magical place. In 2009 it was rated “Best City in Asia” by readers of the US-based luxury magazine Conde Nast Traveler. Ubud dethroned Bangkok as the best Asian city. Bangkok had held the top spot since the category debuted in 2004. Ubud also beat out several other key travel destinations–Hong Kong, Shanghai and even Tokyo–all major contenders for the prestigious award. Ubud’s validation by Conde Nast Traveler as being “The Friendliest Town of All” is just one of many aspects that will most likely boost property and business values in the area for years to come. On a side note for connoisseurs, Cathay Pacific’s Inflight Magazine, named the martinis at Naughty Nuri’s restaurant in Ubud as being one of the top five best in all Asia.

3. Adding to Ubud’s media frenzy buzz, the town was prominently featured in the wildly popular, global best selling book, “Eat, Pray, Love,” which remained on the New York Times Best Seller List for a staggering 187 weeks. Oprah Winfrey devoted two full episodes of her show to discuss the book’s success, which was soon followed by a Hollywood movie of the same name starring Julia Roberts, who won the 2001 Academy Award for Best Actress. Ubud’s recent accolades have intensified global investment interest in the town, which continues to show strongly augmenting revenues in the tourism sector of its economy. Property values and land rental rates for restaurants, shops, residences and hotels continue to skyrocket, which has stimulated even more interest in private real estate investment.

4. Notwithstanding the attraction of Bali’s rich ceremonial culture and its lush tropical environment, one contributing factor to the island’s dynamic rate of tourism growth is its low cost of travel expense when compared to high-key Western destinations in the States and in Europe or even in the nearby Southeast Asian cities of Singapore and Hong Kong. Indonesia’s average per capita income is approximately US$2 per day across much of the country and per capita income for workers in Bali typically is less than five dollars per day. Such low cost greatly reduces construction expense for new projects and the cost for staff once the projects are completed. This factor becomes highly attractive for not only foreign commercial real estate ventures but for private property investment as well. Retirees seeking exotic locales for retirement often place high-value-for-money-spent as a primary investment concern.

Bali Rice Terraces

5. Living in Ubud has its rewards. Since the town is located in the center of the island at a higher elevation than the over-crowded beach areas further south, the temperature is several degrees cooler. And there’s a bit more rain in Ubud, which generally is of short duration, that nurtures the nearby verdant rice terraces–some of the most dramatic on the island. Ubud’s rich cultural heritage in art and dance has fostered a vibrant expat community of countless individuals involved in the creative arts, many as working professionals. A rich social network already exists in the town and it’s easy to tap into for newcomers. The magic draw of Ubud has triggered the opening of numerous art galleries, fine dining establishments and five-star hotel accommodations. Many foreign investors seek property investment opportunities in Ubud to capitalize on Bali’s lucrative tourist industry by tapping into the luxury holiday rental villa sector.

Ubud Bali Lotus Villa

Ubud’s vibrant residential real estate market has spawned some of Bali’s most innovative architectural designs, many that incorporate structures rising from infinity-edged reflecting pools. The concept blends unique contemporary design with the traditional Balinese “alang alang” thatched roof. The climate is temperate all year long so glass-enclosed, open-air rooms can invite nature inside in an often striking juxtaposition of elements.

Today’s Ubud seems to have captured the most exotic aspects of Bali’s rich cultural heritage while it keeps abreast with the future. It surely has captivated the world’s attention.

How Real Estate Net Present Value Works

Net present value (or NPV) is a real estate investing measure widely used by investors for investment real estate analysis for a specific purpose: Net present value tells the investor whether his or her target rate of return will be achieved by a property and in turn, whether the property should attract the investor’s capital into that investment.

Here’s the technical interpretation.

The net present value model is based on a decision rule that states if the discounted present value of future benefits is equal to or greater than the cost of those benefits it is a profitable opportunity. Whereas, if the present value of the future benefits is less than the cost for those benefits, the rate of return will not be achieved and chances are good that the investor should take another look.

Okay, let’s frame the idea with a simple illustration.

When you place your money into a savings account (i.e., invest your capital) you expect it to earn interest (i.e., provide future benefits). The bank dictates the return and you are either willing or unwilling to tie up your capital based upon your acceptance of that return. For example, whereas you might deposit $10,000 to earn 3.8% interest, you might not make the investment to earn 1.2% interest.

Now suppose a bank doesn’t quote an interest rate. Let’s say you are only quoted what amount of money you’ll collect in the future. That next year you will collect $10,300 with a deposit of $10,000 today and there’s no mention of interest rate. How would you know what yield your investment is earning?

That’s the dilemma real estate investors face when analyzing income property. Whereas there’s a projection for an investment amount and future benefit, there’s no mention of yield. The individual investor has no idea what rate of return is achieved based upon that data alone and therefore has no way to compare it to other potential investment opportunities adequately.

This is where net present value comes in to play.

The NPV approach to investment value takes your desired rate of return and essentially tells you if the future cash flows (benefits) from a property achieve that yield on your capital investment or not. In other words, you state the yield you want, and NPV will inform you whether that target yield is achieved.

How It Works

NPV discounts all future cash flows by the desired rate of return to arrive at a present value of those future cash flows, and then it deducts that amount from the initial equity, or initial capital invested. The result is a dollar amount that will always be either negative, zero, or positive.

How to Interpret

1) Negative dollar amount – This means that the present value of future benefits is less than the amount invested and that the specified rate of return is not met. In other words, you might want find another property to make your investment.

2) Zero dollar amount – This signifies that the present value of future benefits equals the amount of the investment and that the desired yield is perfectly met. In other words, the property will achieve the return you want with nothing to spare.

3) Positive dollar amount – This reveals that the desired rate of return is met with room to spare. In other words, you might have come across a keeper.

Net present value is certainly worth knowing, and when properly used can help you evaluate your next real estate investment opportunity. Just bear in mind that it is only one small aspect of real estate investing analysis, should never dictate an investment decision, and is certainly not without its shortcomings.

Yes, NPV will provide you the opportunity to evaluate projects using the same rate of return requirements, but it will not provide any useful information concerning one project over another from a risk standpoint.

Finally, I should add that it’s impractical to calculate NPV without a financial calculator or quality real estate investment software. If you are serious about real estate investing then by all means make the investment in a good real estate software solution that computes net present value and provides other real estate analysis features that will benefit you as well.

Here’s to your real estate investing success.

Bangalore Is Offering New Complexes For The Aspiring Real Estate Investors

Investing in real estate value might prove to be a daunting task, if you are not quite sure of the step by step formulation to deal with. Bangalore is an IT hub, and you can be a part of it, in case you have been associated with real estate properties for long. Being an IT sector, reliable IT professionals along with probable and aspiring students are going to gather in this segment, and the price of real estate properties are sure to hike up, within next few hours. After keeping this thought in mind, reliable property investors and marketers are planning to invest majority amount of monetary help, for areas in Bangalore.

Looking for the new projects

As the rest estate market is growing at a fast pace, therefore; you need to deal with the importance of constructional growth, taking place, at this present moment. At this present moment, various reliable and renowned real estate developers are coming up with projects, with the main aim of building residential complexes. If you want to grab the best deal available, this can prove to be the right time. Even though, these complexes are mostly for residential purposes, but you need to get hold of commercial segments too, after going through a complete research.

Other eminent options available

Apart from the next complex projects, you are likely to come in touch with all the leading facilities, which make metropolitan city a reliable place to live in. When the main area relates with Bangalore, you are going to come in touch with the best educational mediums or firms of all time. From leading engineering colleges to some of the best examples of humanities studies, Bangalore has it all for everyone. To top it all, make sure that you have leading working sectors that are ready to invest money for residential and commercial sectors.

Look for the options

You are likely to get hold of 1 BHK flats, which are mostly for rented purpose. Anyone, from different parts of the world, can gather here for good job prospect and take help of these 1 BHK flats, within affordable rates. Apart from that, Bangalore is also known for offering some of the best and well-equipped 2 BK flats and 3 BHK villas. For a moderate stay, 2 BHK flats can always prove to be the best possible option, so far. On the other hand, you can even try and go for the 3 BHK apartments in Bangalore or flats, when you want to invest more amount of money. No matter whatever is the case, make it a point to check the world class amenities, incorporated under the same segment.

Checking out civic issues

With Bangalore in your kitty, you need to be aware of the civic issues of this forum. For the primary step, you need to be aware of the drainage problem associated with the modern flats or apartments. Moreover, check out the land papers well, before booking for any space. No matter what kind of civic issues are there, always remember that professionals are ready to guide you through the process well.

Lock in Value Equity – a Solution to Falling Real Estate Prices

“Lock in value equity” is a service which is providing a solution for homeowners who want to protect themselves from falling property prices. It gives them a guaranteed price for their property if the market value falls – but they can still take advantage of any rises. Let’s look at “Lock in Value equity” in greater detail.

Essentially it provides the following benefits:

– Homeowners for a small fee can agree a lock in price with a company which is the MINMIUM they will receive, if they decide to sell their property, while the contract is in force and these contracts can give protection for up to 10 years.

– There is no obligation to sell to the company who provides the contract. this is up to the homeowner. If prices fell, they may decide to take advantage of the lock in price – but if prices rose, they could sell to whoever they wish.

Advantages of “Lock in Value Equity” Contracts

So the contract provides the right but not the obligation, to sell the property to the company providing the service. If prices rise, you can sell to whom you wish, if real estate prices in general fall and the property is valued at less, you can sell for the higher locked in price – the choice is yours.
These services are provided by a number of companies and there meeting a need which is:

People are uncertain about the outlook for real estate prices. We have seen falls and the economic climate points to further declines.

These contracts provide a way of protecting the value of one of our most important and valuable assets – our home or investment property.

Why these contracts are more popular than ever

These contracts are more popular than ever and there available at a small affordable fee.

With protection of up to 10 years, more investors than ever before are taking advantage of them. Most contracts allow you to take advantage of the lock in price after a period of two years after the contract has been signed.

Protection against Uncertainty

Real estate is cyclical and we have had a real estate boom for many years and now we are seeing a downturn. With consumer confidence low, a credit crunch and more falls likely, “lock in value equity” contracts are becoming more popular, as they offer peace of mind at an affordable cost.

Dhanori is the New Watchword for Pune’s Real Estate Market

Areas around Pune’s Lohegaon airport are the new realty hotspots, which have garnered attention of a number of homebuyers. The localities offer affordable homes, located strategically. Alike other debutants of the Pune real estate segment, Dhanori is a locality having large chunks of lands available. Currently this area has been identified as a logical locality for realty growth and expansion. Dhanori has some very significant location attributes.

Location advantages

Great connectivity with the IT hubs of the city like Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi, Viman Nagar and Jail Road, have given the real estate of Dhanori a boost and have catered the residential demand. Non availability of affordable properties in these areas have pushed the properties demands in affordable areas like Dhanori.

Besides, the rapid infrastructural developments have brought Dhanori under the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) limits, which will further push the infrastructural developments. In addition to this, a number of new roads are being connected, surrounding rural areas are being developed, and the proposed link road will help in improving connectivity to Dhanori and other surrounding areas. Also the area is well-surrounded by pristine hills and a beautiful natural lake, offering a wonderful living experience.

Launch of new projects

Currently, a plethora of new residential projects have been launched in Dhanori, thus have made the realty market highly competitive. Small local developers are catering the demands of these properties and have offered the best possible deals to the homebuyers. Take a look at two such affordable properties being launched in Dhanori.

Pride Aashiyana

Located on Lohegaon Road, Dhanori, Pune, Pride Aashiyana is among the latest residential projects having fetched the attention of the homebuyers. Offering 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments, Pride Aashiyana ensures excellent living conditions amidst lush green surroundings. The project is spread across 10 acres of land and offers ready to move apartments in the area range of 1050 – 1350 Sq. Ft. and the price bracket of Rs. 35 lakh to 74.99 lakh.

Skyways Sereno

Being constructed under the brand name of Skyways Multicon, Skyways Sereno is the new high end residential project in Lohegaon, Pune. Offering 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK premium homes, Skyways Multicon is expected to boost the real estate segment of Lohegaon furthermore.

These spacious 1-3 BHK apartments are available in the varying sizes of 705 – 1365 sq. ft. and are priced at Rs. 29.25 lakh to 51.46 lakh. Skyways Sereno will be ready for possession by December 2016.

The bottom line

Dhanori is a stretch which enjoys excellent connectivity to the other parts of Pune via road, rail and airways. The buyer should expect a year-on-year appreciation of no less than 10-12% in Dhanori. The properties are still available at affordable prices, hence it is advisable to make investments now, before the prices shoot up.

Hottest Luxury Residential Real Estate Hub in Delhi NCR

Gurgaon is notably known as the satellite city for the National Capital. It has seen the huge capital gratefulness in the recent years. An overview made by the Gurgaon Development Authority says that the city has recorded an incredible 52 percent climb in capital values in the last few years. Thus, at least this has prompted the exponential development in the property estimations. History says that interest in Real Estate has been dependably a riches making act. Then again, such speculation must be decently judged and completely inquired about before you begin the dive.

The city has risen as the best destinations for future ventures, which is giving relative moderateness. Further, it is experiencing critical changes owing to infrastructural advancement, more prominent integration and openness with national capital have pulled in potential speculators. A portion of the noticeable micro business like DLF Cyber City, Udyog Vihar, MG Road, Golf Course Road and Sohna Road have secured that prompted private improvement in the different divisions of Gurgaon.

Cyber City and Udyog Vihar are basically known for IT and ITes office centers while MG Road and Golf Course are one of the greatest business center point of the city. In the event that we discuss a portion of the key traits which make these areas potential venture destinations are a large number of foundation ventures under development, immeasurable sections of land accessibility of developable area and similarly lower property costs.

Gurgaon is one of the most acknowledged real estate hubs of the National Capital Region. It is often termed as the Gateway of Delhi/NCR locales. The city gets the third biggest city of India in admiration of per capita payments. Property in Gurgaon has demonstrated the enormous improvement in the recent decades and therefore it is quickly determined by an excellent development in the economy and substantial scale interest in IT and BPO division.

One can see that real estate in Gurgaon is apparently prospering. Seeing the splendid future extent of Gurgaon it brags a wonderful interest for private unit. Vast quantities of home purchasers have indicated enthusiasm for purchasing their fantasy home in Gurgaon. Notwithstanding private unit there is a monstrous interest in business and office spaces have expanded. There are an extensive number of critical variables that adds flawlessness to the creating property in Gurgaon.

As in last few decades bundles of world class organizations have set up their set up in Gurgaon. Widely acclaimed organizations like DLF, Maruti Suzuki and numerous more to be said. It has pulled in the potential financial specialists in Gurgaon. As we discover an extensive number of business and private tasks are coming to serve the creating Gurgaon. In nearing late years, it will be a troublesome errand to discover a property in and around Gurgaon. However, thanks to some leading builder groups that are still managing to reduce the demand and supply gap by launching their excellent residential projects such as Assotech Breeze Sector 88b Gurgaon, DLF The Crest Sector 54 Gurgaon, etc.

So, if you are seeking for luxury apartments, then Gurgaon is your destination. Developers like DLF who is known to be the first in making an initiative in shaping this city from farmer land. One of the recently launched luxury housing project, DLF The Crest Sector 54 Gurgaon, is gaining huge popularity in Gurgaon real estate market. It is blessed with all world class amenities and offer residents a lifetime experience. Such luxury projects are highly priced for offering the comforts wealthy buyers expect in their dream home.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Miami Beachfront Condos

Are you interested in buying a Florida condo? If you are, you are urged to examine the Miami area, if you haven’t already done so. Miami, Florida is often referred as one of the best places to live or vacation in the state of Florida. One of the many reasons for that are the places that you can reside. If you are interested in buying a Florida condo, in the Miami area, you are urged to examine beachfront condos, as they tend to come highly rated and recommended.

As with just about everything else in life, there are certain things that are perfect for one individual, but not for another. For that reason, you may be wondering whether or not a Miami beachfront condo is really in your best interest. If that is the case, you are urged to examine the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Miami condo that is located along the coast.

Perhaps, the greatest advantage or perk to owning a Miami beachfront condo is the beauty. It is no secret that areas along the coast are popular and highly sought after, just for their beauty and the breathtaking views. If you could imagine yourself waking up everyday to the beautiful ocean waters or if you could find yourself regularly frolicking on the beach, owning a Miami condo along the beach may just be the perfect living arrangement for you.

One of the few downsides to owning a Miami beachfront condo is popularity. As it was previously mentioned, coastal properties, including beachfront condos, are highly sought after. For that reason, there tends to be increased competition for Miami beachfront condos. That is why it is advised that you regularly examine the Florida condo real estate market. Since many of these beachfront condos, once they are listed for sale, are quickly snatched up, you will want to make sure that you have an option to buy.

Although the popularity of Miami beachfront condos may cause you some difficulty, when it comes to buying one, it could also work out to your advantage, especially if you are not planning on living in your Miami condo all year long. If you are only planning on using your Miami condo for business trips or regular vacation trips to Miami, there is a good chance that your condo may spend a good portion of the year unoccupied. In some cases, you may be able to make money off of that emptiness. As previously mentioned, Miami is considered a popular vacation destination in Florida. Many tourists would love, and pay good money, to rent a Miami beachfront condo for their vacation. Renting out your empty condo is not something that you have to do, but it is something that you may want to look into.

In addition to being potentially difficult to find a quality Miami beachfront condo for sale, you may also have a problem with the price. Many Miami condo developers and condo owners know that they have a potential goldmine with a beachfront condo. That is why beachfront condos can be considered relativity expensive, especially when compared to Florida condos or Miami condos that are located further inland. If you have unlimited financial resources, the cost of a Miami beachfront condo may not be an issue for you, but you are looking to buy a condo on a budget, a beachfront condo may be out of your reach, financially.

After a close examination, you may very well find yourself wanting to buy a Miami beachfront condo. If, by some chance, you decide that a beachfront condo isn’t for you, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still own a Florida condo. In Florida, including the Miami area, it is possible to find a number of condos that are located inland and available for a reasonable price. For information on all Miami condos, beachfront or not, you are urged to examine

Luxurious Real Estate in Spain:Things To Consider Before Buying

investment, luxurious real estates in Spain can be the best choice for you right now. Since the Spanish economy has been going through tough times, a good number of luxurious properties in the sun-kissed country have been hitting the real estate listings. Although you might imagine that most of the offers would be hyper modern vacation homes, there are a lot more options available, including renovated historic buildings that strike with their elegance and sophistication. In case you have always dreamed about owning a castle, or a futuristic-looking house on the beach, you should definitely consider buying now because aside from the fact that prices can definitely get higher in the future, the best places and estates would have already been bought by that time.

Before buying luxurious real estate in Spain, you have to make sure that you choose the one that best suits your needs and expectations. Here are some of the most important considerations when it comes to buying that type of property.


Before you buy a mansion in Spain, you must consider if the location of the estate is strategic enough. Is it surrounded by other properties of the same type or is it the only such house in the area? In both cases, consider how you would feel living in this type of environment and whether you would be able to meet up with the standards of living there after your purchase. These factors are important if you are buying the house purely for investment reasons, as it would be harder to re-sell if the overall ambiance is not enjoyable, or if the surrounding properties are not inhabited. Definitely make sure that the real estate is situated in a safe area, as luxurious homes always draw attention. Your investment would not be worth the purchase if it is in an unsafe location where it can be prone to damages and other types of danger.

Size and Design

Property+in+Spain-Holprop.com.jpgHow would you feel like living in several thousand square feet of classic interiors? Most of the luxurious real estate properties offered out there boast at least 5 bedrooms and an extravagant style that needs care and maintenance. You might also imagine that the owners of these properties have most likely decided to sell, because they were not able to pay for that kind of maintenance and often the interiors might be dated, and in need of a major renovation.

Finally, keep in mind that whether the house is surrounded by palms, dense trees, or even situated on a cliff – its owners have most likely taken it to the extreme. Make sure that you do love what you see!


If you really want a luxurious real estate in Spain, you must expect that the price would be quite high. As we discussed earlier, the design ideas are bold, ranging from classic Spanish villas to contemporary structures. In fact, many of the properties do not list their prices at all, so you should be prepared to ‘haggle’.

These are just some of the important considerations in buying a luxurious real estate in Spain. This type of properties truly are one of a kind, so make sure you check the listing regularly, as now and then there are real gems popping up at bargain prices!

Tips To Help You Navigate The Commercial Real Estate Market

Tips To Help You Navigate The Commercial Real Estate Market

In these hard economic times, you certainly want to make sure your investments will turn out to be successful. Commercial real estate, if done wisely, can become a great source of profits. This article contains several easy tips to help answer your questions and help you make the most out of your investment.

One important tip to remember when investing in commercial real estate is that you are going to not only need a lot more money for a down payment, but you will have to pay much more for inspections and appraisals than you would for residential real estate. You may not end up purchasing the property you are investigating either, so you really need to have funds available for several inspections.

You need to decide what type of commercial real estate you are interested in buying before you even speak with a real estate agent. You need to have at least a general idea of what you are looking for so that the real estate agent will know what properties to show you.

There is a learning curve that you have to face when you start investing in commercial properties. They are far more expensive than residential properties, and there is a lot to learn. It can take a considerable amount of time to make offers and screen deals.

The cap rate in commercial real estate refers to calculate the overall value of income producing properties. Great examples for determining cap rates would be a strip mall, several in a row office buildings, and apartment complexes that have more than at least 5 units. Cap rates will help determine that amount of cash flow you can expect from your acquired commercial real estates.

Weigh all your pros and cons. Do not delve into a purchase without first looking over all the good and bad things that will come with it. You may be over-budget or under-budget. The property may be perfect or have many flaws. Weighing your options will give you a clear head to make the best decision.

When entering into commercial real estate, investigate the track record of your broker. You will want to hire someone who not only specializes in your unique interests, but has the results to back it up. Treat this as any hiring process that you ever would go through at a typical job for maximum results.

If you are negotiating a commercial real estate lease, you should aim to have shorter lease terms. The reason for this is because with a shorter lease, you have less financial liability. In addition, you should aim to get an option to stay in the location longer, and set the rent amount ahead of time.

Commercial real estate can indeed be a great investment and one that can turn into a long term asset. However, it is not only very difficult and time consuming, but it also takes a lot of input on your part. Apply these simple tips and methods to make sure your time and effort is worthwhile.

Malaysia Real Estate Market 2012: Boom or Bust

As the debt crisis looms over the United States and Europe, investors are searching for alternative investments especially within the Asia-Pacific region.

Property Propaganda

A US-based advisory group Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA) claims the Asia’s commercial property market is heading for growth with the top three locations for real estate investment being Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. The Senior VP Leslie Chua of AAA believes Malaysia is enjoying wage growth leading to more retailers settling into the capital city while Singapore sees a rise in visitors due to their resort developments, which has lead to growth within their real estate market.

A recent property exhibition hosted by The Star newspaper showcased key property developers around the Penang area. The Star mentions there is “Good demand for Penang property.” However The Star newspaper itself is a media outlet owned by a component of the Malaysian government and may only present positive views of property markets for the government’s best interests.

However another local Malaysian paper The Malay Mail took a survey of first-time and multiple home buyers’ reasons for not buying property inMalaysia under the article “Real Estate Blues.” The survey uncovered 36% consumers believe properties are too expensive while another 33% lack the capital to purchase properties. Another interesting finding in the survey is that one-third will wait until after the Malaysian General Election.

Some complaints by home-buyers include “homes are snatched up by unscrupulous property agents who then resold them at exorbitant prices.” One cannot help but wonder whether the Malaysian properties have more speculators than legitimate home-buyers. Any market having more speculators than legitimate buyers are foretold to collapse.

Meanwhile Malaysia-based Genting Group paid $236 million for Miami Herald’s headquarters in May citingFlorida’s growing population, tourism, and nonstop flights from Asia to Miami. If Malaysians are investing in overseas real estate especially in the United States then it is time to reevaluate the current status of real estate climate within Malaysia.

Economic Analysis

In 2010 the Malaysian Government revealed three major development initiatives including the New Economic Model, the 10th Malaysian Plan, and the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP). The ETP alone will cost $444 Billion USD with 60% coming from the private sector. These initiatives seek to achieve an average of 6% GDP growth per year over the next ten years. Majority of these plans are dependent on political push to achieve the expected goals which will only be revealed after the General Election.

The FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index consisting of the 30 largest companies in Malaysia hit an all-time high above 1500 in 2008. Now three years later the index is still hovering around the same region. In 2010 Malaysia registered stronger-than-expected real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 7.2% according to the International Monetary Fund.Malaysia is expected to grow slower at 5.2% in 2011 according to the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER). While Research and Markets a leading source on market data expects Malaysia to grow 4.9% in 2011 and 4.2% in 2012. The downward projections of real GDP between 2010 and 2012 could lead Malaysia into a recession.

The three main economic risks affecting the Malaysian Economy are inflation, weakening export growth, and the budget deficit. The Malaysian Government is committed to reducing the fiscal deficit to 5.4% of GDP this year compared to 5.6% in 2010. The weakening export growth is affected by two major factors including the decline of the global economic recovery and the appreciation of the ringgit against the US Dollar.

The inflation rate was 2.3% in 2010 as the Bank Negara Malaysia raised their Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) three times last year (March, May, and July 2010) to curb inflation and is currently adopting a neutral stance. However inflation has peaked to 3.8% in June 2011 driven by high electricity and gas prices as reported by MIER.

Another reason for rising inflation is due to the unemployment rate which decreased between 2009 and 2010 from 3.6% to 3.3%. As more people become employed, prices for necessities tend to rise. While inflationary pressures are rising, the Bank Negara Malaysia may hike the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) currently at 3% by 25 basis points later this year and another 25 basis points next year.

Property Analysis

Residential property prices rose slower this year compared to the first quarter of 2010 according to the Valuation and Property Services Department. This is mainly caused by slower exports due to the appreciating ringgit and slower economic growth caused by rising inflation.

According to the 2011 Property Market Report, the office sector is becoming a competitive market which will largely depend on the success of the Malaysian Government implementing their ETP initiative. Luxury condominiums in Kuala Lumpur city centre indicated a slight decline due to sluggish demand and increased supply in 2010. While service apartments accommodating guests on business trips to Kuala Lumpur have falling occupancy rates. The occupancy rate between 2009 and 2010 declined from 70.7% to 64.6% and it is expected to fall further when faced with large incoming supply which stands around 19,000 units by the end of 2013.

Examining Rental Yields

One of the prime attractions of owning property is receiving passive income however the gross rental yields have fallen over the past year. The Global Property Guide reported 120sq.m condominiums has a better yield ranging between 5% and 7% compared to a bungalow which has lower yields just over 4%. Last year the same 120sq.m condominiums averaged over 8%. The decline could be attributed to disadvantage of owning rental property.

The rental income tax is a flat rate of 26% for nonresidents receiving Malaysian-sourced income. There is also a Real Property Gains Tax of 5% for nonresidents holding Malaysian property for less than five years. Nonresidents looking to invest in properties become unattractive and difficult with these two deterrents.

Malaysiais a pro-tenant rental market even if the law is pro-landlord due to the inefficient, costly, and slow court system. Recovering unpaid rents is a major problem as there is no specific landlord or tenant law in Malaysia. Owning property in Malaysia for the basis of rental income becomes expensive and a hassle when rental income tax is high and the rental market are unregulated.

Malaysian Real Estate Realization

New supply of offices, luxury condominiums, and serviced apartments will affect supply over the next three years. As these projects near completion, the supply will inflict downward pressure on occupancies and rental prices. Prices tend to increase when there is limited supply. Certain areas in Malaysia should be immune to falling prices due to limited land like Penang and prime areas will continue to grow as communities saturate their existing supply.

The current Malaysian real estate market may be riding on last year’s real GDP growth of 7.2%, which is expected to decline over the next two years. Many Malaysians and foreign investors would rather wait until after the General Election which is due no later than March 2013 to assess whether it would be best to purchase properties. The results of the election will determine whether the 2010 development initiatives will progress forward to upgrade existing infrastructure such as roads, ports, and airports or create a slowdown which will also have an affect on the real estate markets.

Bhiwadi an Affordable Solution to Real Estate Market

Bhiwadi has become the hub of development in the past three years. Spread over an area of 10,000 acres, Bhiwadi has emerged as the commercial centre in Delhi NCR. From the year 2012 to 2013 there was a significant growth in the field of real estate of about 13.72%. These figures clearly show the rising popularity of Bhiwadi in terms of real estate.

There have been a lot of factors contributing towards the increasing investment patterns. The biggest factor is the location. It is located on NH-8 that connects it to Delhi, Gurgaon, Manesar and Jaipur. It is only a 55 minute drive from the IGI Airport. It is on the Rajasthan border that helps connect it to both Rajasthan and Haryana. Also, it is established on the Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor. Industrialists from Punjab too have reported to have set up industries in Bhiwadi. So it has erupted as a commercial and industrial hub for the surrounding areas.

The major influx of people has been due to the shifting of the Hero Honda factory. They have had an increase in work force from 1000 to 7000 people. This high work force tends to raise the demand for property as people prefer to stay near their workplaces. This rise in the demand for real estate has also led to many reputed builders to invest in this region. Bhiwadi real estate has seen tremendous growth. Names like Omaxe, Kajaria, M2K, Essentia, Cosmos and Avalon have associated themselves with Bhiwadi. It has been estimated that around 16 million houses will be required to meet the rising demand in property in the next 10 years. The Rajasthan Housing Board has provided a good infrastructure like schools, hospitals, piped water, transportation, telecom network and banks. Rather, their water supply system has been flawless, which favours the growth of industries. A huge support from Rajasthan Industrial Investment Corporation (RIICO) has led to its development into a Tier II city. Another major reason is the low price at which property is available. Bhiwadi property offers great housing at reasonable prices.

As compared to Delhi and Gurgaon, Bhiwadi has some really affordable options to choose from. Its current price range lies in between Rs. 2200/sq. ft. to Rs. 2800/sq. ft. For a person who wants to invest in between Rs. 18-40 lakh, Bhiwadi is the region to head to. The contrast created by Dharuheda in matters of pricing, has largely added to the movement to Bhiwadi. The rise in land prices in Dharuheda is as high as 200% than that of Bhiwadi. Haryana Government is also not cooperating in the development of Dharuheda and this is giving a better opportunity for expansion in Bhiwadi. Due to such reasons, it has established its name in reliability and amenities.

This positive review from people is giving it much publicity which is mostly through word of mouth.The buzz is that Bhiwadi can be the next Gurgaon. Gurgaon too started off as a barren land to which industries and corporates flocked to and converted it into one of the most expensive cities in India. Bhiwadi is following in the footsteps of Gurgaon and may become the next city to flock to. It is a good place to invest-in your money.

A short study on Baner real estate market

Pune is one of the most preferred places by real estate investors. The reason for this high demand is efficient infrastructure development and connectivity. Second big factor behind this is constant improvement in the buyer sentiments. The feelings that buyers have been showing towards Pune has been transformed because of factors like new launches, appreciation in capital value etc.


Although all the localities of the city are considered as prime, Baner has gained prominence among the property seekers because of high infrastructure development, and efficient connectivity with cities like Mumbai. Let’s look at the area in some more detail.


Baner in Pune is known for two things – Infrastructure development and Connectivity. The expressway that joins the place with Mumbai and other nearby places is the most important infrastructure development. It has changed the city into a prime commercial hub.

This expressway has resulted by the Knowledge Corridor initiative in Pune.

Some other factors that have made Baner prime are:

  1. Social infrastructure

Baner is in close proximity of some best educational institutes, InfoTech companies, and healthcare facilities.

  1. Luxury segment houses

Witnessing the growth in demand for spacious houses, Baner has some of the most luxurious style apartments. They are designed to meet the comfort and luxury need of the upper class segment.

  1. Prime economic boosters in the vicinity

The three prime economic boosters of Pune – IT, Manufacturing, and Retail, are in close proximity of Baner. This makes the area prime among the investors.

  1. Status of property seekers

The end users who choose to live in Baner fall in the upper middle class segment. They are ready to invest huge amount in the property here.

According to Insite, a 99acres.com real estate quarterly report, the capital value of Baner has gone up by 3% since the last two quarters of the year 2014.

The reason for this constant growth can be attributed to the infrastructure developments. To take advantage of growing popularity among the end users, a number of developers have launched their new projects here, they are:

  1. Nandan Buildcon

The eminent builder group of Pune, Nandan Buildcon have recently come up their new project Nandan Prospera Plus in the strategic location of Baner. They are offering various 2 to 4 BHK apartments of 1600 sq. ft. area at a very easy on pocket price range. Amenities offered by them such as park, club, and parking space has made the sale of unit in this apartment high.

  1. Welworth Realty

Another prime builder of Pune, Welworth realty has also launched its new project, Welworth Paradise in Baner. They are offering 2 to 3 BHK apartments of 979 to 1720 sq. ft. area in the price range of Rs. 66.87 Lac to 1.07 Crore. Amenities they are providing are club house, play area etc. these are designed to meet the comfort needs of occupants effectively.

The location benefits this area has, are the reason for maximum sale in this area. For those looking for a high rate of returns, this is the right place.


Mansion Flipping and Rentals – Is Luxury Real Estate Right for You?

If you’ve looked at the housing market lately, you’ve probably noticed that luxury real estate for sale in Dallas is really on the rise. While these large properties and homes have seen a slower recovery than less expensive residential real estate since 2008’s crash, they are now showing significant gains. However, their prices are still low enough to make them attractive to savvy investors.

The market is on the rise. If you can pick up a luxury property in a foreclosure sale or short sale, you can perform minimal repairs and maintenance. Then you can sell it in very little time at a sizeable profit with the help of one of the many qualified luxury real estate agents in Dallas.

If you have experience with flipping properties, luxury real estate for sale in Dallas could be a very lucrative market for you. You already have the crew you need to clean and repair the house and property, and the market is ripe to sell gorgeous luxury homes, as the area is once again booming. However, buying and reselling isn’t the only way to invest in luxury real estate.

Luxury Rentals on the Rise

The market for luxury rentals has really never been better in the Dallas area. With our booming metropolis, wealthy businesspeople are attracted to the area more and more. However, the old tradition of purchasing summer and winter houses in different areas is going the way of the Dodo bird. These days, we’re seeing a lot more wealthy people renting luxury homes in the areas they do business or visit regularly.

With the rental rates you can charge for mansions and other luxury properties, you can easily afford to hire a property management company to handle the day-to-day, monthly, and seasonal maintenance and upkeep of the property. This takes away the stressful and time-consuming aspects of being a landlord while giving you regular cash flow from the property.

Hire the Right Realtor

If you’re considering purchasing a luxury property, whether it’s a foreclosure, short sale, or regular sale, you will absolutely need to enlist the assistance of the right real estate agent. The same realtor who works with commercial properties or smaller residential homes won’t be much help when looking at these properties.

However, you can find luxury real estate agents in Dallas who have experience and expertise in finding, buying, and selling mansions and other luxury properties. They’ll know what to look for, where to look, and they’ll know the ins and outs of the market better than other realtors. Whether you want to invest in luxury real estate to sell or rent, you’re definitely going to need to consult an expert. Don’t go it alone!

Invest in Luxury Homes in Amrapali Courtyard Noida Extension

Amrapali Group has a high-status landed property project noted as Amrapali Courtyard. This new project is found at Noida Extension and proposes big choice of 2 and 3 BHK flats. It’s the terrific situate to pay your whole life within the well residential location wherever multitudinous amenities are being offered for creating your respiration house titled and easy and high category. Every house is quake resistance and ecological, that signifies supposed with cool roof perception. A preponderant component of the project is that you just won’t get to pay an oversized amount for locating the well-known breathing space which is also affordable. The project similarly proffers a full soothing life void of any agonizes that are connected to power provide security, water and lots of additional causes. On the entire the project of Courtyard is known to be the centre of magnetism for every client.

The Luxury Amrapali Courtyard Noida Extension

After the imposing accomplishment of a spread of housing development, Amrapali Builders has launched most up-to-date housing development expressly Amrapali Courtyard Noida Extension. The new returning project offers you a brand new overlook named as High-rise flats in Noida Extension that supply 885 sq ft – 1700 sq ft move residential flats among furnished facilities. It takes pleasure in planned place in bigger Noida West, through unforced access to transportation with in shut distance of plentiful approaching and planned searching malls, academic institutes in conjunction with various diversion alternatives. The project arrives as a gulp of air with freshness. The mood pleasing to the attention, heart warming, soul-lifting atmosphere is that the terribly foremost reward of Amrapali to its probable investors.

Lavish Amenities

Amrapali Group is single of the foremost glorious development corporations within the property marketplace. Amrapali Group has urbanised plentiful complexes, villas, flats, townships, flats and offices. The Group offers a console living benchmark by approach of comfy commonplace of living for residence seekers. The builders understand the necessities of home hunters to measure a soothing life. The Developers has enlarged each building by approach of excellence materials. He similarly offers innumerable facilities that craft your living benchmark comfortable. The up to date time of those days each residence seeker wishes that every one amenities are getable for all time and Amrapali Group has competent to whole the necessities of them.

Prime Location

The project Amrapali having all the facilities near it like hospital, schools, school and every one the essential facilities that client wishes to be close to your home. it’s upmost builders in Delhi/NCR and this project is lush of vegetation and having top character with the up to date technology, style and has immense excellence work. it’s big with solitary perception and aspires to form their shopper happy.

Arizona Real Estate Listing Agreements

So you’ve identified an agent you would like to list your property for sale with and now it’s time to talk about the listing agreement. The following are the three types of listing agreements used in Arizona.

Open Listing

An open listing lets owners sell their home by themselves. It’s a non-exclusive agreement so the owners may execute open listings with more than one real estate broker and only pay a fee to the broker who delivers a ready, willing and able buyer whose offer the owner accepts.

As they are representing themselves, the owners don’t need to pay a broker for selling their house, they only need to pay the broker representing the buyer.

In the event the owners find a buyer themselves, the owners will not owe anybody a commission. Open listings are not commonly used by full-service real estate brokers.

Exclusive Agency Listing

An exclusive agency listing is similar to an open listing with the difference that the listing broker will represent the owner. The listing broker is free to cooperate with another brokerage, meaning the second brokerage could bring a ready, willing and able buyer whose offer the owner accepts.

In this case, the seller’s broker is paid a listing commission that is shared with the buyer’s broker, so in this agreement the owners pay both fees. However, the owners still reserve the right to sell the property themselves and not pay a commission.

Exclusive Right to Sell Listing

An exclusive right-to-sell listing is the most commonly used agreement. It gives the broker the exclusive right to earn a commission by representing the owners and bringing a buyer, either through another brokerage or directly. The owners pay both the listing and selling brokers’ fees. The owners cannot sell the property themselves without paying a commission.

Other Terms & Conditions of a Listing Agreement

Length of the listing agreement: The duration of the listing agreement is negotiable. The most common timeframe is six months but any timeframe can be negotiated.

Selling Commission: As the seller, you will have a commission agreement with your listing broker who in turns pays the buyer’s broker. Commissions are typically six percent but are negotiable. Generally they are split equally between both brokers.

Cancellation of Contract: Will the broker/agent let you cancel the listing agreement? Some brokers do some don’t. If the broker will agree to let you cancel at any time, that broker in essence is giving you a guarantee. In that instance, the duration of the contract doesn’t much matter.

Expiration of Contract: If the contract should expire, or be canceled with mutual agreement of the parties, the listing broker might supply the owners with a list of the prospective buyers he or she produced. If any of those buyers approach the owners within a specified time period, agreed upon in the listing agreement, and successfully purchase the property, the owner will still owe the listing broker a commission.


Listing agreements are typically 3 pages long and, although some brokers might attach a few addendums to it, they are, for the most part, pretty straight forward. I would advise you to discuss the cancellation options with any broker you are considering – you don’t want to get stuck with someone you’re not happy with. Usually brokers won’t have an issue with this because it goes both ways. Also, when you negotiate the commissions, don’t be cheap… usually what you pay will reflect the level of service and experience you get.

Miami Real Estate – Eviction Process

An eviction for nonpayment of rent is the legal process of expelling a tenant from occupying a property. The eviction process in Miami, Florida is very complicated has very strict rules and deadlines that the landlord must know and obey in order to avoid delays and legal liability. An eviction for non-payment of rent has become very common in today’s economy and current Miami real estate market.

It is against the law for a landlord to forcibly evict a tenant in Miami-Dade County for nonpayment of rent without a judge’s court order. The landlord can’t place chains at the gate, turn off the utilities, or enter the property to change the locks and take possession. You must go thru the court system and follow very specific eviction steps. The landlord must act quickly when the tenant refuses to pay the rent. The landlord should start the eviction process immediately.

These are the steps to do an eviction in Miami.

Step 1. Three Day Notice – This is the first step in the eviction process. You either post it yourself at the door or hand deliver the form in Miami. The three day notice notifies the tenant to pay the rent in full or vacate the property within three business days. It states the tenants name, address, amount of rent due, and date of notice. It is signed by landlord or property manager.

Step 2. Five Day Notice or Residential Evictions Summons – This form must be served by the sheriff or a private server to the tenant in Miami-Dade County. It states the case number, the plaintiff (landlord) and the defendant (plaintiff). It lets the tenant know that they have 5 days to answer to the court the reasons why they should not be forced to move.

Step 3. Complaint for Removal of Tenant – This form is part of the Five Day Notice and must be served to the tenant at the same time. A copy of the Three Day Notice and a copy of the lease must be included as part of the package. A $185.00 filing fee must be paid at the court plus $10.00 fee for each summons served and $40.00 sheriff’s fee for each service of the Five Day Notice.

Step 4. Default Package – This package is file approximately 10 days after the service only if the tenant has not answered the court. This package includes Affidavit of Non-Payment of Rent which must be notarized, Non-Military Affidavit, Motion for Default, Final Judgment for Removal of Tenant, Writ of Possession. There is a fee of $115.00 payable to the sheriff in advance.

Step 5. Writ of Possession – The judge will sign the Final Default and the court will issue the Writ of Possession after receiving the Default Package and then it will be delivered to the Sheriff.

Step 6. Eviction – The sheriff will post a notice at the door informing the tenant the date they must move out and when the eviction will take place, usually within 42 to 72 hours. The Sheriff will come back and evict tenant. Everything will be removed from the premises and give possession of the property to the landlord.

Most evictions do not go thru all the steps. Many evictions for nonpayment are solved at step number one, the Three Day Notice. The tenant will call you alarmed and either pay the rent or ask for the deposit back so he/she can move out. Usually I try to work with the tenant at every step of the eviction process. Since all I want as a landlord is possession of the property I offer the tenant to give their deposit back, to place their things in storage and hire movers at my expense and help in finding them another place. The Miami real estate market and economy is slow and filled with trouble tenants. It is always better to try to negotiate with the tenant if possible. A full eviction is a drawn out and tedious process that should be negotiated and avoided at all cost in the Miami real estate current market situation. When negotiations fail the landlord must evict immediately.

Gurgaon Residential Real Estate Market Making A Blash

Gurgaon has likewise seen the network with national capital Delhi and other adjacent cities in synchronization with quick Urbanism. In spite of the fact that Gurgaon has already been joined with Dwarka, New Delhi through metro hence making easy for individuals to commute between the two cities easily, however, everybody can’t utilize the metro because of a few reasons and subsequently for making their voyaging helpful, Dwarka Expressway has come up which is under development nowadays.

Clearly, this eagerly awaited course would incredibly help those individuals driving through diverse vehicles every day from east to west side of the NCR district and visa versa. Dwarka Expressway would likewise help in saving their valuable time and money that right now gets squandered amid the traffic on the road and red lights. This is the reason that this under construction Dwarka Expressway has raised the lights of trusts in the hearts of a great many individuals.

In any case, additionally exciting is the way that the properties being built on this Expressway would not simply have the capacity to coddle the needs of potential property buyers and investors, yet also would look for others’ administrations without any inconvenience. That is the reason, an extensive number of residential and commercial edifices are in the pipeline in distinctive areas of Dwarka Expressway, which are being produced by well acknowledged real estate giants.

It is without a doubt a brilliant opportunity for the real estate investors and interested buyers, who is investigating the most recent property ventures in Gurgaon to contribute their valuable cash. For figuring out the most recent tasks on Dwarka Expressway, they can scan through the web and effortlessly strive generally advantageous. Also, taking the help of real estate consultancy firm is another aid available in order to get detailed information about the ongoing development projects in and around the Gurgaon city.

However, if you are looking luxury residential project, then I would suggest you the name of Umang Winter Hills nicely located in Sector 77, Gurgaon. You can easily book an apartment in the proposed township by the Umang group out of the various options available such as 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK as per your budget and needs. The apartments available under the Umang Winter Hills Gurgaon vary in size starting from 1200 sqft to 2470 sqft. It is in proximity to Manesar, IGI airport and other major locations of the main Gurgaon city.

Gurgaon real estate has an indescribable potential to satisfy the increasing property needs and demands of buyers who wish to make the best use of their surplus income by investing in the hot property market of Gurgaon. The main determining element that makes real estate sector of Gurgaon city a booming one while putting a major contribution in the growth of the Indian real estate industry as well as the growth of the Indian economy. It offers higher return on investment with its amazing property venture. Both the residential and commercial property space accessible in Gurgaon is at the affordable rates and you can get the rich scope of properties and it will be a beneficial deal in the coming future.

Real Estate Marketing in Florida and Why it is Recommended to Buy or Sell Now

Some of the notable conditions for real estate marketing in Florida include a significant rise of 56.1% from December 2011 and a 22.8% increase since January of 2011. This data is based from the Southwest Florida Residential Real Estate Market Trend Report for January 2012 as reported by theSaundersblog.com. This figure is relatively high as compared to the usual real estate sale decline after the end of each year.

As for major cities Orlando and Miami, RealtyTimes.com reports through a comparison chart the following data: In Orlando, a 1.8 average current market rating for buyer’s market against seller’s market is recorded. It implies that sellers are more advantageous over buyers. For tje average current price trend, the rating is at 3 between falling and rising. This means that the prices are neither increasing nor decreasing. Miami on the other hand shows the same rating for buyer versus seller and records 2.4 for falling against rising. The latter denotes that real estate prices are actually decreasing as per the site Realty Times.

A ,more comprehensive report, particularly for Miami is available through Trulia.com. As of February 22, 2012, more than 10,000 homes are for sale with the median sale price recorded to be at $155,000. There’s also a remarkable increase of 6.9% since November 2011. Something unusual after the year ends, as mentioned earlier.

ActiveRain.com on the other hand provides more detailed data for Orlando. As for January 2012, almost 10,000 homes are also in the inventory of combined new listings, new pending, and sold homes. The median price is recorded at $108,000.

Why Buy or Sell Now

Based on the cumulative statistics listed above, Florida properties are actually feasible for both buyer and seller. It is recommended to buy or sell a property now. If you are a buyer, you have thousands of options all over Florida, particularly major cities like Orlando and Miami.

Aside from the statistics listed above, there are various other reasons why investing in Florida real estate properties is recommended. For a buyer – the prices are decreasing, sales volume is increasing, and the inventory available is high. There are also incentives when purchasing homes, mortgage rates are more affordable than ever, and as always, home ownership is an investment opportunity.

The entire state is also improving economically with a diverse economy offering and this can actually support its population. In fact, the state is a migration as well as retirement magnet. The University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research reports that migrating families to Florida from other states is regularly rising per year. There are also about 80 million retirees currently residing in the state. You can’t beat the lifestyle offered by the entire state too with all its beaches, resorts, and other popular tourist destinations.

For Buyers

If you are a buyer taking advantage of the booming Florida real estate, here are a few pointers when purchasing a home:

Don’t settle for the immediate option. The inventory is high so it’s best to consider all possible homes to choose from.
Speaking of inventory, research the market for homes on sale. These can be found both online and offline. Over the web, properties offered are featured in real estate listings, directories, related sites, and even social networks. Referrals from people you know as well as outdoor print ads can also be relied upon as sources.
Find out as many information as you can about a real estate property you are interested with. Learn about the features and amenities available so it’s easier for you choose a home among prospective properties.

For Sellers

If you are a property owner, you can also take advantage of the flourishing real estate in Florida. You can start a campaign to offer your property or you can commission an agent or agency to assist you. Either way, marketing methods are necessary if you’d like your property to be noticed among thousands of other options.

Some of the methods you can utilize include flyers, brochures, and other printed materials. Traditional strategy still works coupled with innovative ideas, so when utilizing flyers, make sure to apply proven technique. One of these includes the use of colorful flyers with images that are printed on glossy paper. Colored flyers are proven to convert more sales than black and white prints. Although plain prints are cheaper, there are various printing companies which can offer affordable color prints. You can even expect discounts for bulk orders.

Will real estate market in India recover in 2015?

Noida has become one of the favored destinations of investors these days as the rates of properties are increasing with each passing day. In very beginning, the city was village and government authority started industrial development program. This gradually turned the face of city and Noida become one of the major hubs for commercial and residential projects. World’s leading MNCs established them at the city, which brought many professionals and people providing domestic and other skilled services to them. The professionals working at these MNCs are highly paid for their services, which allow them to have created huge saving to invest in various ventures. These days it is not all easy tasks to buy commercial property for sale in Noida as masses looking for space in the city. In view of this fact, in spite of the unenthusiastic performance of the several industries in 2012, Noida had experienced a reasonable escalation curve.

Noida has become heaven for investors who are looking to buy commercial property in Noida. By consulting honest property consultant, you can buy from economical to luxury class apartment and from residential to commercial property with authentic paper work and timely possession delivery. Most of the Indian always for long-term investment opportunity for such people buying residential property in Noida will best deal. The reason has become educational hub where one can find many reputed colleges offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Even the city has many professional who are not getting very high salary or may be just having started their career. These students and low paid young professionals cannot buy the Noida property; thus, these people always look for residential apartments on rent. Therefore, buying residential property in Noida will bring high rents, which will soon cover the amount invested in purchasing property and rest all will serve as huge profit.

Buying commercial property for sale in Noida is now proving to be more profitable venture as the city is has close proximity to various strategic location of Delhi due to establishment of Delhi Metro and DND flyover. You can go through various statistical data offered by many government authorities and other authentic survey agency, which will show you the growing trends of property market in Noida. Further, when comes to buy commercial property in Noida with the guidance of reliable real estate consultant will offer you good returns of your investments. At present, many small companies are looking for office spaces in commercial towers and complexes; thus, having space at such places will offer you huge rents. Further, even you can opt to start own business like restaurants, studio, parlor, and so on, at your commercial space where you do not have to pay high rents and attract more customers by offering discounts.

Thus, it will be right to narrate by collecting all preceding facts that real estate market in India will revive itself in year 2015. All you need is to select a real estate agent who is having good record of accomplishment in delivering best deals. In addition, the agent should have immense knowledge about changing trends in property market and government interventions and update as well as coming law in regards to real estate investment.

Lotus Greens: Novelty in Luxury homes

The last few years have seen novel concepts in the Indian residential real estate sector. Gurgaon, India’s Millennium City, has a growth story that mirrors India’s growth over the last decade. With preferences of the elite veering towards finer tastes and opulence in lifestyle, the market for luxury and super-luxury projects is booming. There is also a perceived increase in end-user demand, in contrast to the previous trend of investment-driven purchases. Consequently, most of Gurgaon’s residential projects in the luxury sector are targeted at the high net-worth end user.

Within Gurgaon, Sector 89 and 90 are prime realty hotspots witnessing a flurry of real estate projects, especially residential. These areas are located on the upcoming Dwarka Expressway (Northern Peripheral Road), which will cut down the travel time between Delhi and Gurgaon. Among the upcoming projects here, a landmark one in the luxury segment is Woodview Residences, latest offering from reputed builders Lotus Greens.

Located in Gurgaon Sector 89 and 90, Lotus Greens Woodview Residences is adjacent to the busy Dwarka Expressway just off the Pataudi Road. Woodview Residences developed on a mixed land use projects format. It is a luxury, gated community offering majestic low rise apartments and terrace homes fit for royalty. Woodview Residences are truly one-of-a-kind, swanky luxury apartments Gurgaon, available in options of 2, 3, 4 BHK apartments. The sizes range from 1090 to 2435 square feet and are available at a price of INR 78.48 lakhs to 1.75 Crores.

World-renowned architect BENOY designed the Lotus Greens Woodview Residences. Redefining the art of luxury offerings, each of these independent homes come with imported marble flooring, wooden flooring and built-in wardrobes, international modular kitchen with hob, chimney and cabinets. Some of the select and most exclusive 3 BHK apartments also have the provision to install a private elevator; and a multi-purpose activity room for every apartment. Taking the concept of luxury to a new height, Lotus Greens is credited with introducing new luxury features within this development. Extended terrace balconies and exclusivity ensures privacy like stand-alone villas in Gurgaon.  Specialised concierge services, movie-screening hall, spa and signature club spread across 2 acres, a poolside café, and a mechanical car wash sets the Woodview Residences in a class apart from the rest of the lavish apartments in Gurgaon.

Architectural excellence and global design standards are superbly complemented by Lotus Greens’ commitment to building sustainable communities. Like all its other properties, in Woodview residences too, the company has been judicious in maintaining a vibrant eco-friendly, green quotient. The flats are SVAGRIHA-rated; the project adheres to the standards as set down by GRIHA, India’s national rating system for eco-friendly buildings. Themed aroma gardens, time-operated street lights, solar powered heaters and lighting are some of the unique green features that Lotus Greens has incorporated within the Woodview Residences project.

Today, luxury homes are not just merely penthouses, villas, bungalows nor golf townships. In a fast-paced world, a home closer to the workplace, that is ecologically conscious, and houses amenities for a top-notch lifestyle holds as much importance for home-buyers. And Lotus Greens Woodview Residences fits the bill perfectly!

Why Invest In Lake McQueeney Real Estate Market?

You’ve heard the saying, “everything is bigger in Texas” – read the article below if you are considering relocating here for that “big” home purchase.

Lake McQueeney, located in the state of Texas is a beautiful lake mapped conveniently between New Braunfels-Seguin and between Lake Dunlap-Lake Placid. A section of the Guadalupe River, this lake attracts thousands of people to visit year after year. Dating back to its erstwhile roots, the reservoir was formed in the year 1928 by a construction of a dam to provide hydroelectric power to the area. The lake’s prominent feature is Treasure Island, an exclusive residential neighborhood located in the center of the lake. Most of the lake is approximately 10 feet deep, with deeper sections along the center channel of the river.

Lake McQueeney is a venue for outdoor recreation, including fishing, boating, and swimming, and is maintained at a constant level all the year round. Lake McQueeney has been equipped with several species of fish intended to improve the utility of the reservoir for recreational fishing. Some types of fish present in Lake McQueeney include catfish, sunfish, spotted bass, and largemouth bass. There are no public parks or free boat ramps on the shores of Lake McQueeney. Also, this lake has long been known as the “Water-ski Capital of Texas.”

The lake has produced world-class athletes from world champion jumpers to wakeboard champions. One of the main attractions on Lake McQueeney is Lake Breeze Ski Lodge. It is a private club that rents rooms by the night, has a restaurant overlooking the water, offers hourly water-ski lessons, a swimming pool and much more. It’s available for all residents who wish to take advantage of this private club. Every year, residents of Lake McQueeney get together on the 4th of July to participate in the annual boat parade.

Because of its popularity and familiarity, Lake McQueeney real estate typically ranges from homes for sale from the 200’s to well over a million. It is also an exclusive waterfront community with a variety of community features. Beautiful, private homes line the interior of the lake while Treasure Island, a developed island in the center of the lake, features a number of vacation homes and private residences as well. Here, picturesque views and private homes line the perimeter of the lake. So once again as you do your homework before buying a house near this beautiful lake, find your superstar agent. The best way to find an agent is by getting a recommendation from someone you trust. They are likely to work harder knowing that a friend or client will hear about his performance. You can locate a trusted local Lake McQueeney agent by calling Joshua Downey with Keller Williams Heritage. He is a 4th generation resident of Guadalupe County and Lake McQueeney. You can also ask your friends or colleagues whether they know about homes for sale in Seguin.

So act now to get the ball rolling to find a suitable home here. You will capture the “big” picture here because living on Lake McQueeney is like being on vacation every day of the year!

Luxurious Miami Beach Real Estate Houses

Miami Beach Real Estate may be your house in case it really is your own active want having household inside of Miami Beachfront is a deluxe that numerous worthy of. Even if everyone try to look for little preservation and in some cases fulltime, person and in some cases corporation, that you are entering the actual showing.

Miamibeachluxuryresidence’s Miami Coastline item bookings handle most favored house as well as residence kinds, which include

  • Place available for purchase
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  • Store
  • Work place
  • Small business Property or home as well as
  • Residence and many more

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Underneath through which environment, the exacerbation inundating within just Miami through which routinely meets excessive tides has to be step-by-step problem, the storm deluge consequence involving hurricanes are going to be opened, in conjunction with lower-lying option on the region are going to be brain boggling.

Miami Beach owning a home possesses awesome gated competitors which include awesome Location (home involving major names), Aspect Location, Setting sunny Hawaiian islands, in conjunction with Venetian Hawaiian islands, every offering some sort of associating Miami activity.

A comical broker knows that will choosing a household is definitely a mind come across. The capability to appear past the well-known could be just what exactly items towards the south Coastline broker. The information involving awesome high-class waterfront house as well as residence within just towards the south Coastline along with the encircling area assists make at least 18 the ‘go to’ service provider pertaining to classy oceanfront in conjunction with bayside condo rentals, in conjunction with deluxe waterfront homes.

In your community, you will find just about any hot ambiance anytime, sun-kissed shorelines which have a current impact, dissimilarities inside of style as well as class, long-term shopping open access ways opportunities, towering horizons, as well as around the world corporation. Enchanting in an effort to greedily strengthening!

The prohibit tropical department allows really quite a few move team along with upscale dining establishments. Your Miami Beach Property may allow for anybody the ability to help become a member of the exact nonstop tropical department bash! Extraordinary proficiency along with warm details about enjoy are usually plainly within just including method a bit of the exact Miami seashore townhouses’ experience.

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The real estate business and its high popularity in the market

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The Indian real estate market size is expected to touch US$ 180 billion by 2020

In India, real estate has traditionally been considered a favorable investment option. However, over the last few years, the realty market’s momentum has weakened significantly. In fact, it has even reversed in some parts of the country. In the country, it is the second largest employer after agriculture and is slated to grow at 22 per cent over the 5-6 years. It comprises four sub sectors – housing, retail, hospitality, and commercial. The growth of this sector is well complemented by the growth of the corporate environment and the demand for office space as well as urban and semi-urban accommodations.
The Indian real estate market size is expected to touch US$ 180 billion by 2020. The housing sector alone contributes 5-6 per cent to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Also, in the period FY08-20, the market size of this sector is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.2 per cent. Retail, hospitality and commercial real estate are also growing significantly, providing the much-needed infrastructure for India’s growing needs.

First half had seen property prices dip, as the weak rupee and high inflation had a negative impact on spending. Needless to mention that 2015 will largely be about recovery. The RBI

will most likely cut interest rates and this will see more spending in the residential real estate segment. The government should lower cost of land for development which will make it more attractive to develop, as land is a major price component in the overall cost of a project. Also, we can look at the PPP model which should work well for increasing the supply of affordable housing in the country.

On other hand- The Union Budget 2015 may have disappointed most developers in the real estate sector as the finance minister did not announce any measure to benefit either demand or supply in the sector. Moreover, the proposed increase in service tax will also affect the market. The only positive thing that came out of the budget for real estate was the tax clarification on real estate investment trusts (REITs). But market participants remain hopeful and have a positive outlook for the year.

In India, too, improved economic conditions and government measures to provide better infrastructure and housing are expected to have a positive effect. 30 million houses will be built by 2022, mostly for the economically weaker sections and low-income groups, through public-private-partnership (PPP), interest subsidy and increased flow of resources to housing sector. For the current financial year, the government expects GDP growth at 7.4% compared with 6.9% in the previous fiscal year. “Government proposals to relax guidelines for foreign investment, implementation of REITs, and increased funding for affordable housing and infrastructure projects, these are all expected to offer the much needed thrust.
Housing industry in India has emerged as the most vibrant and dynamic sector for the country’s economy as well as real-estate industry, with the entry of numerous real-estate developers, availability of finance schemes, and increasing demand for residential property.
Moreover, with continuously rising population, growing aspirations, increasing nuclear families and rapid urbanization, the housing sector in India is anticipated to register a strong growth in the coming years.

Home Staging Business Meets Real Estate License: a Match Made in Heaven?

If you are one of the over 2 million real estate agents in the United States, there’s a good chance your business is struggling. Agents across the country are feeling the pain of today’s slow real estate market. I hear similar complaints from agents all over – from Florida to California. Their commission checks come so intermittently these days that they’ve taken to staging their clients’ homes for free, hoping to sell their listings faster and for a better price. They think this will lead to more listings. Does anyone else see a problem with that?

First of all, as a real estate agent, your time is money. While you’re donating your time to help your client rearrange their furniture, sort through their junk, choose the perfect paint color for their den and decide whether or not to move the baby’s crib out of the office, do you realize the significant amount of time and money you are wasting? Not to mention the risk of offending your client and losing the listing altogether?

If you list four properties this month and spend an average of four hours staging each of them, you have wasted sixteen hours, or two entire workdays. How many homes can you show in sixteen hours? You could have planned, advertised and attended five open houses in that amount of time. When you’re in the business of selling real estate, your strengths are presumably finding and selling property for your clients and negotiating the best deals for them. If you are personally staging your clients’ homes for free, those negotiation skills are being wasted on domestic disagreements over paint chips and furniture placement.

Many real estate agents approach me, looking for information on the best way to use home staging to boost their business. My standard answer to these agents is actually in the form of a question:

Do you want to be a home stager with a real estate license, or a real estate agent who stages houses?

Your answer will determine what approach you should take.

A significant number of real estate agents who take the Staging Diva® Home Staging Business Training Program do so because they’re tired of selling real estate as their primary source of income with all the inconveniences this entails. They no longer want to be on call 24/7, miss family time on evenings and weekends and feel like they live out of their cars. They want more control over their schedules and to be paid for their time.

Real estate agents enrolled in the Staging Diva program are there to learn how to make a very good living staging homes, not how to stage houses for free as real estate agents.

As students of the Staging Diva Training Program, they learn how to be home stagers who also happen to be licensed Realtors®, rather than real estate agents who happen to stage their listings. If you are an agent first, your focus needs to be on turning listings, not fluffing pillows and sorting clutter.

If you fall into the category of wanting to be a home stager with a real estate license, there is a great chance you will be given a lot of real estate listings. The majority of my home staging clients are homeowners who are just about to list their properties, and they haven’t signed with a real estate agent yet. Many would happily list with me because of the relationship we’ve built as I staged their home. For a home stager with a license, that’s a great listing opportunity!

So what does all this mean? Basically, if your passion for selling real estate has fizzled out and you’re sick of being on call 24/7, you might want to shuffle your priorities and start thinking of yourself as a home stager with a real estate license. You should focus on promoting your home staging services, which is a very profitable business if approached correctly. Along the way you will also pick up real estate listings and find yourself competing with other Realtors® on a whole new level.

A good home stager will earn a tremendous amount of trust from their clients. (It’s amazing how the intimate task of sorting through personal possessions can bring strangers together!) If, at the end of the staging process— which you’ve already been paid for— you also get the listing, isn’t that better then staging your listings for free?

Of Real Estate Postcards and Marketing

As the Internet becomes a widespread reality and an indispensable asset in every business endeavor, print advertising appears to have taken the back seat. In the past, newspaper ads were the most powerful and effective marketing/branding method. Now that the newspaper is slowly fading into the background of digital and online marketing, the general feeling is that a great part of advertising has already transformed. It is understandable, therefore, that the face of real estate marketing has changed just as much.

Regardless of these modern changes, some old timeless tips continue to be handy. A busy marketing agent can start learning any given day.

Learn from the past, use it for the future

Referrals from acquaintances and friends and clients you once worked with are, in a nutshell, warm leads. Prior interaction or having someone you both know can cultivate a higher level of trust and confidence. Should you run out of listings, learn to strategize and pursue a different action plan in your real estate postcards marketing. Take your new listing somewhere where your neighborhood can see it. The renters in particular would be thrilled to know what you have in store for them. If a home was already sold, then you have the discretion to deliver a Just Sold postcard to sellers. This gives neighbors the go signal to call in case they wanted to sell or purchase a home.

Buyers and why they are necessary

The buyer and the seller are formidable forces in real estate postcards marketing. Their dual presence is necessary because the end goal is a sale. Some useful strategy would be to send out postcards that urge homeowners planning to sell their houses to be more responsive. This has been deemed effective in some cases. Still, it is important that the buyer is present and serious about purchasing a home.

Print advertising remains

Whether it be a flyer or a postcard, print advertising continues to persevere in this digital age for the sheer reason that being able to touch something with one’s own hands is quite reassuring. Many potential sellers feel a sense of security upon seeing a postcard directly mailed to them. The impact of a tangible postcard in a potential seller’s hand becomes even more compelling and credible with the agent’s presence upon the delivery of the item. If you have a buyer database on hand, it will not be for long before a sale is consummated.

Mix and mine

As often told, do not just stick with one marketing strategy. Incorporate other tools into your real estate postcards marketing plan, including but not limited to newsletters, flyers, brochures and calling cards to name a few. Mine enough data for your buyer database too while making sure the buyers are still interested.
It would be a breakthrough to create real estate postcards for sellers too. There is a serious Seller’s Market out there that has been left unattended by the real estate marketing industry and which could benefit well from more listings. For this, you can start to venture out to high-end neighborhoods that you may have sold homes in a long time ago. Follow through with a call to action to gradually attract sellers who might just hire you to list and sell their homes!

Tips To Help You Navigate The Commercial Real Estate Market

Tips To Help You Navigate The Commercial Real Estate Market

In these hard economic times, you certainly want to make sure your investments will turn out to be successful. Commercial real estate, if done wisely, can become a great source of profits. This article contains several easy tips to help answer your questions and help you make the most out of your investment.

One important tip to remember when investing in commercial real estate is that you are going to not only need a lot more money for a down payment, but you will have to pay much more for inspections and appraisals than you would for residential real estate. You may not end up purchasing the property you are investigating either, so you really need to have funds available for several inspections.

You need to decide what type of commercial real estate you are interested in buying before you even speak with a real estate agent. You need to have at least a general idea of what you are looking for so that the real estate agent will know what properties to show you.

There is a learning curve that you have to face when you start investing in commercial properties. They are far more expensive than residential properties, and there is a lot to learn. It can take a considerable amount of time to make offers and screen deals.

The cap rate in commercial real estate refers to calculate the overall value of income producing properties. Great examples for determining cap rates would be a strip mall, several in a row office buildings, and apartment complexes that have more than at least 5 units. Cap rates will help determine that amount of cash flow you can expect from your acquired commercial real estates.

Weigh all your pros and cons. Do not delve into a purchase without first looking over all the good and bad things that will come with it. You may be over-budget or under-budget. The property may be perfect or have many flaws. Weighing your options will give you a clear head to make the best decision.

When entering into commercial real estate, investigate the track record of your broker. You will want to hire someone who not only specializes in your unique interests, but has the results to back it up. Treat this as any hiring process that you ever would go through at a typical job for maximum results.

If you are negotiating a commercial real estate lease, you should aim to have shorter lease terms. The reason for this is because with a shorter lease, you have less financial liability. In addition, you should aim to get an option to stay in the location longer, and set the rent amount ahead of time.

Commercial real estate can indeed be a great investment and one that can turn into a long term asset. However, it is not only very difficult and time consuming, but it also takes a lot of input on your part. Apply these simple tips and methods to make sure your time and effort is worthwhile.


Estate Agent Commission

Recently some people have begun to complain about having to pay estate agents commission. This is due in part to the awful service that has been given by a small minority of estate agents. There has also been a number of websites that have advertised the “benefit” of a property owner selling their property themselves.

Whilst it’s true that it is possible to sell a property privately if taken up by the masses there’s a large chance that it would be a disaster. Estate agents have developed over the years and know their industry inside out, the reason they have become so established over the years is because buying and selling property is not the simplest of business. It’s a little bit like deciding not to go to a doctor if you were ill or to representing yourself in court; these may seem like extreme examples but for people who made mistakes in buying or selling property themselves it would seem just as serious.

We consult with professionals because they have trained in their chosen field and often have years of experience. There job is to assist us and we trust in their ability to guide us.

Estate agent commission charges vary between different agencies, and some people feel they are too high. Franchises often charge 7.5% of the purchase price, while independent estate agents vary anywhere between 3% – 6%. When an agent works for a franchise, they must share their commission with the agency and if not for the high percentage, would not earn enough money to survive. Independent agents do not have this expense and can therefore afford to lower their commissions.

It seems to have been popular in recent years for the media and public to ostracise estate agents and make them out to be villainous. Estate agents are people doing a job to earn a living like so many others, if a customer attempts to get out of paying commission when it has been earned by an agent it’s equivalent to an employer telling a salesman at the end of the month, that they won’t be paid any commission they have earned and their salary won’t be paid.

So when buying or selling a property use an estate agent but ensure they are experienced and properly qualified. For an experienced and trusted estate agent in Bath visit Apple Estates

Recently some people have begun to complain about having to pay estate agents commission. This is due in part to the awful service that has been given by a small minority of estate agents. There has also been a number of websites that have advertised the “benefit” of a property owner selling their property themselves.

Whilst it’s true that it is possible to sell a property privately if taken up by the masses there’s a large chance that it would be a disaster. Estate agents have developed over the years and know their industry inside out, the reason they have become so established over the years is because buying and selling property is not the simplest of business. It’s a little bit like deciding not to go to a doctor if you were ill or to representing yourself in court; these may seem like extreme examples but for people who made mistakes in buying or selling property themselves it would seem just as serious.

We consult with professionals because they have trained in their chosen field and often have years of experience. There job is to assist us and we trust in their ability to guide us.

Estate agent commission charges vary between different agencies, and some people feel they are too high. Franchises often charge 7.5% of the purchase price, while independent estate agents vary anywhere between 3% – 6%. When an agent works for a franchise, they must share their commission with the agency and if not for the high percentage, would not earn enough money to survive. Independent agents do not have this expense and can therefore afford to lower their commissions.

It seems to have been popular in recent years for the media and public to ostracise estate agents and make them out to be villainous. Estate agents are people doing a job to earn a living like so many others, if a customer attempts to get out of paying commission when it has been earned by an agent it’s equivalent to an employer telling a salesman at the end of the month, that they won’t be paid any commission they have earned and their salary won’t be paid.

So when buying or selling a property use an estate agent but ensure they are experienced and properly qualified.

Basics of Commercial Real Estate Investing By Andrea Superak

The financial industry greats are the first to state that real estate property investing has the potential to bring in serious profits. They’ll also gleefully inform you that the risks in some cases far outweigh the potential, especially if they are among the more cautious investors inside the industry. People that have made their fortunes in real estate however will let you know that buying property is worth every ounce of risk when you manage to work through the rough patches and find your way to real-estate investing fortunes.

Commercial real-estate is somewhat unique among real-estate investment types. This is the type of real-estate that needs a higher investment to get into the game, much higher than most residential property and poses equally great risks dependant upon what you plan to do with your commercial property investment. Of course you will also find several choices for your commercial real estate property investment that many investors find appealing.

Most investors find leasing office or building space to be the safest route to take with regards to real estate investing is the path of leasing office space or warehouse space to businesses. They feel that this is a comparatively steady source of income because most businesses choose to keep their locations as long as possible. Smart business owners are well aware that customers, clients, and vendors need to have the ability to find them so they can do business with them and for that reason, prefer to keep their business in the same location whenever possible rather then reestablishing themselves in several locations year after year.

Commercial property investing is a bit of a different animal than traditional residential real estate property that many people tend to be more familiar or comfortable with. You will need to do large amounts of research before jumping in with both feet with this particular type of property investment. Commercial real estate investments can take on many forms. From strip malls and outright shopping malls to business and industrial complexes to sky scrapers and high rise condos you can see all manner of commercial real-estate interests. Whether your interests lie in business or personal types of commercial real estate there’s significant profits that stand to be made.

Unfortunately, beginners often discover the path to commercial property investing laden with thorns. You will require an enormous contribution to fund your commercial real estate pursuits and it might be best if you can find a group of investors so that you can share some of the risks. Real-estate, in and of itself, is a high-risk venture. Commercial property bears a bit more of the risks in the beginning however after you’re established and other people, particularly investors, know your name you’ll find that path to real estate wealth is much easier obtained through commercial real estate property, in the event you play your cards right than many other different types of property investing.

To bring about even bigger profits it is often best to work as a part of a team of investors in relation to commercial property investing. Not just does this approach spread out the risks to some degree but additionally helps find the good buys, spreads the labor pool, creates an environment of ideas, and enables you to bounce those ideas off each other seeking temperance and enthusiasm for members of your investment group in like measures. It is a good idea if you wish to build a prosperous future in the field of commercial real-estate investing and can be extremely profitable for all involved.

Commercial real estate property investing definitely is extremely intimidating if you permit it to be. Avoid putting yourself in a situation where you feel out of control or completely uncomfortable in your first commercial real estate investment but when you have the means, the price is right, the deal appears to be solid, and you feel you are ready for the challenge, commercial real estate profits is often a serious motivation.

Online Marketing for Real Estate Business

Of late interested parties in real estate business start their journeys online. Most of the real estate buyers search online for answers and real estate related questions before they visit an agent.

Hence, it’s important to ensure that it’s your listings and your website which clients find when they search online. You can do that by integrating your real estate business into digital marketing.

To more clients you can improve your real estate marketing by doing the following:

Social Media

Twitter and Facebook accounts should not be the only platforms you rely on for your online marketing strategy. To avoid relying solely on them you need to develop an online asset which you can own and control. Facebook and twitter should point clients back to your website where you have a deeper relationship with the information you deliver there.

You should use your accounts in social media to link to valuable content, curate, resources and deals for your town or surroundings, whether they are related to real estate or not.

Convert your website into an information marketing hub

Majority of the people who search online for content related to real estate are after valuable information and answers to their questions- but not quick sales pitches. Content marketing is what it’s all about.

This will benefit you because the valuable content you create demonstrates your ability and sells your service in a special and unique way.

This is also the best strategy to become the dominant brand before your clients and industry colleagues.

Unique and outstanding content is the outcome of merging valuable information with your own viewpoint and personality.

The tools that you need

If you are just beginning then you need a blog which will enable you to be delivering regular content in a more organized manner.  The best is to use word press as it makes it easy to add and edit content using Microsoft word once your web designer kick starts your website.

You should also consider email marketing software from the appropriate companies. This will enable you to be getting email options whereby you can follow up with your clients over time. Through the use of these services you can be able to create email lists and place sign up forms on your website for those who wish to join your list.

The content to produce

Buyers need a portfolio with reliable priced listings in popular neighborhoods. A natural way to make lead generating assets is by listing but you should about each of them as an opportunity to display a valuable piece of free content to your blog. You should also place each and every of the descriptions and pictures on your own website.

For content marketing and real estate you should put together some important information for sellers and buyers on your website. You should also create guides for the clients who want to relocate. It can be a report for sellers with details of the homes in that area which have been making sales for the previous six months.

Broker Commission Agreement – Negotiate Your Realtor Fee Before You Sign

A broker commission agreement in real estate is also called a listing agreement.  This is the contract between the home seller and the realtor which sets forth the terms of the listing (marketing of the home).  Obviously, one of the terms in the broker commission agreement includes the commission you will pay your realtor when the home is sold. What’s important to know is it can and should be negotiated.

The typical commission can be anywhere from three to seven percent depending on certain circumstances.  As expected, the realtor will try to get the highest commission payable.  It’s your job, as an educated home seller, to beat the realtor at their own game.

Somewhere during the interview the issue of commission will inevitably come up.  Regardless of how much the commission is it’s your job to get it lower.  The problem is the realtor is ready and eagerly anticipating this request.  Remember, realtors spend thousands of dollars in training and education. Overcoming commission examples is Real Estate 101 to a professional realtor.

Although there are plenty of responses to the “Will you lower your commission” question, I’m going to teach you the most common response a realtor gives.  Once you know this, you can prepare a counter response and once again pay a lower amount in the broker commission agreement.

Here is the typical objection technique for ‘will you lower your commission’:

“I understand that you want to save money, especially in this real estate market.  However, by paying the commission I have proposed you will still net more with me than with another realtor who will charge less.”

The realtor will provide an explanation to justify their high commission. The following example should illustrate how it might be explained.

Let’s say your home is for sale at $100,000 and the proposed commission is 6% or $6,000.  Depending on market conditions you might get full price, maybe five percent less (95% of asking price), maybe ten percent less (90% asking price), etc. Who knows?

Mr. Realtor explains that the average realtor negotiates 94% of the asking price or six percent less than full price.  In this simple example, the average realtor will sell a $100,000 for $94,000.

Ok. That’s not too bad.

But wait one second.

Mr. Realtor then proceeds to explain that, on average, he gets 98% of asking price. That implies a price of $98,000 – an incredible $4,000 more.

Once Mr. Realtor feels you’ve seen the light he will then put it all together for you.

If you hire another realtor who has agreed to a 4.5% commission then you will receive $94,000 minus that commission for a remaining balance of $89,770.

But wait one more second second. The news gets even better.

“However, if you hire me, Mr. Realtor, then you should sell for $98,000.  After paying my six percent commission you will have a remaining balance of $92,120.”

Mr. Realtor will put down his pen and paper then proceed look you straight in the eye with his most professional and convincing gaze and ask you very simply, “Would you rather receive $89,770 at closing or would you rather receive $92,120 at closing?”

And there you go.

Now the ball is in your court. Were you ready for this? How can you respond to something as obvious as it’s been explained? What do you say?

Remember, realtors are highly trained to handle commission objections.  Especially Mr. Realtor.  Even if you were able to come up with an acceptable response the realtor will have a dozen other techniques waiting in line.

Once you have learned the objection handling techniques realtors have mastered then you can beat the realtors at their own game and be able to sign the broker commission agreement with confidence.

In summary, a broker commission agreement is also called a listing agreement. The realtor’s job is to get you to pay the highest commission possible. It’s your job to get the lowest commission possible with the same professional service and results.  The realtor is anticipating the ‘lower your commission’ objection and has many objection handling techniques. By understanding the realtors’ techniques you can easily demand a lower commission and sign the broker commission agreement with confidence.

Commercial Real Estate Expert Knowledge On Holding And Closing Costs

When investing in commercial real estate, investors have to consider the projected costs surrounding their investment. A savvy investor must have a working knowledge of what the closing and holding costs for the property will be prior to committing themselves to the investment. Working on the purchase price, and the market selling price is simply not enough to make an informed decision on whether a property will be a sound investment.

Holding Costs
When real estate investors purchase property, their main goal is to sell the property for a profit. But during this process, the investor must take into consideration the amount of money they will need to pay out before the investment is re-sold. Holding costs are also known as carrying costs. When calculating the holding costs, investors must include the purchase price, and deduct operating income to come to an estimated figure.

Holding costs must be carefully considered when factored into an investment. Without calculating this cost, an uninformed investor could be faced with a disastrous situation. All to often, new investors only factor the purchase price, and the resale market value into their calculations. The result can be disastrous to the estimated profit margin if the investor must produce a further sum for their holding costs.

An example of such a situation is buying a property for $200,000 with an estimated resale value of $280,000. At this stage, the property would seem to be a sound investment with a very generous profit margin. But if the holding costs of the particular property over a six month period were to come to $90,000, it could mean severe loss to the investor, rather than a generous profit.

Estimating Holding Costs
Investors must pay close attention to their estimated carrying costs before investing in a property. These include costs such as operating expenses, mortgage payments, capital improvements, as well as the selling costs of the property.

The best way to factor these costs before purchasing an investment property is to analyze the associated carrying costs over a six-month period by taking the sale price, and then deducting associated costs such as
· Purchase closing costs,
· Clean up and decoration of the property,
· Mortgage repayments,
· Taxes,
· Insurances

· Resale broker commissions,
· Resale closing costs

Take the purchase price, plus the carrying costs, and the total of the two should be deducted from the re-sale price of the property in order to get an estimation of the profit margin.

Knowing what to expect from holding costs should be one of a real-estate investor’s main priorities when looking for a profitable investment. While these costs are important to factor, the savvy investor will always be able to creatively come up with solutions to decrease costs, or find ways to make an extra income from the property to make it more profitable.

Closing Costs
Closing costs are an estimate of the projected cost once the property has been resold. These costs are often calculated by things such as the lenders experience with the real estate industry, and the area being invested in. The closing costs are only an estimation, which can mean that they will change over the term of the loan.

The lender has no control over how much the attorney or title company will charge for their expenses, but as a rule of thumb, investors should be able to rely on the final estimated expenses to be close to the estimations given in their good faith estimation from the lender.

The closing cost figures, as far as the lender is concerned, should be especially accurate, although in a situation where there are significant changes in the loan program, or the borrower’s qualifications, the closing costs could be inflated.

No Closing Costs
While closing costs are essential to factor into an investment, there are options available to remove some of the associated closing costs for investors. However, it is important to note that even with advertised no closing costs, there will always be costs, such as attorney fees, insurance, local municipality, and title company, that must be paid.

The no closing cost programs offered by lenders are an option that applies to things such as application, appraisal, credit reporting, processing, underwriting, origination, and discount points. These costs only factor into about a third of the total closing costs of a property. Even with a no closing cost option, investors may still be required to pay other closing costs, such as title insurance, attorney fees and county recording fees.

Choosing The Right Business Structure For Your Real Estate Business

As a real estate investor it is important to choose a business structure that gives you the maximum asset protection as well as the best tax advantages. Although I can’t advise you as to what type of entity you should structure your company as (you should consult with attorney) I can give you a brief overview of the different types of entities.

Sole Proprietorship. A sole proprietorship is basically a one person company and is simply “you doing business”. There isn’t any filing requirement to start you business using this structure unless you are using a fictitious or trade name. If you a using a fictitious or trade name you must file a “d/b/a” or doing business as with your state, city or locality. The only types of fees associated with being a sole proprietor are the licensing fees that your city or state or locality charges for doing business.

Tax Consequences of a Sole Proprietorship. The income made by a sole proprietorship is income earned by its owner. In addition, as a sole proprietor, you report your income, expenses, profits and losses on schedule “C” on your federal income tax return. This income is subject to a self-employment tax.

Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorship .One of the disadvantages of a sole proprietorship is there is unlimited liability. If you got sued everything you have personally is at risk. There is really nothing shielding your personal assets. If your business goes bankrupt, you must file for personal bankruptcy protection to avoid the business debts.

General Partnership. A general partnership is an entity that is formed with two or more parties. No paperwork needs to be filed to create a partnership. In fact it can be formed with a simple handshake. However, it is better to have a partnership agreement that spells out the terms of the partnership. If there is no partnership agreement then the partnership is governed by state law. The majority of the states in the U.S. have adopted the Uniform Partnership act which consists of a set of rules of how partnerships should act if they don’t have a formal agreement.

Liability of a General Partnership. A general partnership has no liability protection for partners. Partners are jointly liability for any acts of negligence. So whether or not a person in a partnership committed a negligent act he or she is still personally liable for that act.

Tax Consequences of a General Partnership.The general partnership itself doesn’t pay taxes it simply files an I.R.S. 1065 form. This is only an informational form that summarizes income, expenses and profits and losses of the general partnership business.
A general partnership is treated as a “flow through entity” which means that the profits and losses of the partnership “flows through” to the partners who report their share of income or losses on schedule “E” of their personal income tax returns.

The way that this works is that the partnership would send each partner an I.R.S. K-1 form that states their share of the partnership profits or losses.

Limited Partnership. In order to form a limited partnership, the partnership must file a “Certificate of Limited Partnership” with the state in which it is organized. There are two types of partners in a limited partnership. There are the general partner and a limited partner. The general partner controls the day to day operation of the partnership and is liable for all business debt where as a limited partner is not responsible for business debts and/or claims.

Liability of a Limited Partnership. The general partner in a limited partnership have unlimited liability and if a judgment is rendered against the limited partnership and that partnership doesn’t have enough assets to cover the claims, the creditor can go after the general partner’s personal assets. Sounds risky doesn’t it? Well it is!

Now unlike the general partner a limited partner has no liability beyond what they initially invested in the partnership. Creditors can’t go after limited partners for the debts of that limited partnership. In addition, limited partners unlike the general partner are not personally liable for acts committed by the general partner unless they participate in management decisions.

Tax Consequences of a Limited Partnership.A limited partnership is also treated as a “flow through entity” for tax purposes. I must point out to you that in “flow through” entities, the owners pay individual income taxes on all net profits of the business. This is the case whether they receive those net profits or not.

Corporation. A corporation is a business entity that carries its own legal status, separate and distinct from its owners. Its’ primary advantage is to provide owners with limited liability against business claims. A corporation requires a filing of an articles or “certificate” of incorporation with the state. There are two types of corporations “C” corporations and “S” corporations. An “S” corporation status must be elected.

Tax Consequences of a Corporation. A “C” corporation files an IRS form 1120 and pays taxes on its net income. The primary disadvantage of a “C” corporation is double taxation. Profits are taxed first at corporate tax rates and then again at the individual level. when owners receive profits from the corporation in the form of dividends.

An “S” corporation is taxed just like a partnership. It files an information IRS form 1120-S and the profits and losses “flow through” to the shareholders. The S corporation sends each shareholder an IRS K-1 which states the shareholder’s share of profits or losses.

Liability of a Corporation. A corporation provides liability protection for its owners (the shareholders). If the corporation was sued, the owners are not personally liable.

Limited Liability Companies. A limited liability company (or “LLC)” is a hybrid cross between a corporation and a partnership. To form a LLC the requirement is that you must file an “articles of organization” with the state. An LLC is owned by its’ members or partners and it is governed by its operating agreement.

Liability of a Limited Liability Company. A limited liability company provides protection for its’ members. The members are not liable beyond their contributions to the company. If the LLC is not able to meet its’ debts, the members are not liable for these obligations. In addition, if the LLC is sued the members are not personally liable. An LLC can be “member managed” or “manager-managed”

Tax Consequences of LLC. An LLC is also a “flow through” entity and for single member LLC the tax reporting requirements are basic. All you have to do is attach an IRS form Schedule C which is a Profit or Loss from a Business to your Form 1040 individual return. You will also have to file IRS form Schedule SE which is a self-employment tax form. On this schedule you will calculate the amount of self-employment tax owed. This self- employment tax is a combination of Social Security and a Medicare tax .If there are two or more members of LLC, then that LLC generally must file its’ taxes as a partnership.

Like I mentioned previously that requires the LLC to file a form 1065. Income, losses, deductions and credits allocated to each owner for the year are reported on Schedule K of form 1065. A schedule K detail is given to the respective members of the LLC detailing their specific shares of profits and losses. They would then use this information and attach the K-1 to form 1040 of their personal tax return and use it to calculate their personal income tax owed.

Limited Liability Partnerships. LLP’s are a special type of partnership designed to provide individual partners with protection against malpractice by other partners in the business. In some states this is known as a registered LLP, or RLLP. LLP’s are primarily designed for professions such as doctors, lawyers and accountants.

So there you have it, an overview of the different types of business entities in which to choose from. In running your real estate business, it is imperative that you to choose the entity that works best for you. Furthermore, you should also seek the advice of a competent attorney and an accountant before choosing a specific entity.

As a rule of thumb you want the best assessment of the business structure that will allow you to keep a significant amount of income that you made from your deals while minimizing the taxes that you have to pay to Uncle Sam. It makes no sense to make the money as a Real Estate Investor and to give a great deal to the IRS just because you didn’t choose the appropriate business structure.


tank farm ; oil and gas real estate business in nigeria

Nigeria though the sixth largest exporter of crude oil in the world, remains one of the largest importers of refined petroleum product in Africa, consuming about 1.2 billion liters in 40 days due to vandalization of oil distribution pipeline and the poor state of our local refinery in the country has greatly affected the capacity of the local industry to meet the demands of consumers in terms of refined petroleum product like AGO, PMS and DPK.

In order to receive, store and re-distribute these products to the end users, tank farms are required to take the product from the vessel from there offshore position into the tank farms for temporary storage through pipes. These facilities are very good for companies buying products like AGO,PMS and DPK from offshore ,the facilities are well equipped to handle large volume of product pending when loading is done on trucks and tankers.

The oil and gas market in Nigeria is large, expanding and sustainable and the provision of tank farm services is one of the lucrative aspects of the industry.
The provision of petroleum storage services cost as much as between N3 – N5 /liter for 24 hours.
The investor can choose to build the tank farm from scratch or acquire the property from owners though this option is very rare. The investor can also lease the facility for a long period of time from the owners.

Some of these facility builders took loans from bank and are seeking for interested buyers willing to purchase the facilities from them so that they can clear-up there bank loan and make some profit in the process.

The facility are usually valued based on there location, storage capacity and the size of the land the facility is sitting on.

Miami Real Estate – Buying HUD Homes

HUD homes are FHA insured mortgage loans that go into foreclosure. HUD sells these foreclosures in a weekly auction using HUD registered real estate agents. HUD offers huge incentives to sell all HUD homes in their inventory. There is now a program for owner occupants that the down payment is only $100 dollars with some restrictions as per HUD guidelines. There are many other programs available for homeowners and investors. Police officers, teachers, and firefighters get the property at 50% discount in specific Miami real estate areas.

Steps for buying a HUD homes in Miami, Florida

Step 1. Finding a real estate agent – You must use a HUD registered Miami real estate agent in order to buy a HUD home. HUD uses its own contracts and many different forms, addendums and disclosures that the Miami real estate agent must be familiar with.

Step 2. Finding a house – HUD offers a weekly list of available homes for sale. All HUD homes are sold in as-is condition with no warranties. The Miami real estate agent will show the property, provide tax roll info and comparables of recent sales. No open houses are permitted.

Step 3. Placing a bid – You must be pre-qualified and place an earnest money deposit before you can bid on a HUD home. The Miami real estate agent will work with you in preparing all pertinent paperwork in order to help you make your offer. All offers are presented online and are awarded to the highest bidder. HUD will pay up to 3% for closing costs if it is stated in the sales contract. Owner occupants only can bid in the original offer period and then it is opened for investors.

Step 4. Winning the bid – The Miami real estate agent will inform you whether or not you are the winning bidder next the day. If you are the only bidder you win automatically, assuming your net to HUD is within the acceptable percentage. HUD will not publish their guidelines for the minimum price offers they will accept. All completed contracts and forms must be sent within 42 hours of acceptance. Time is of the essence.

Step 5. Obtaining financing – The buyer has 45 days to close. Buyer can pay cash for the property or obtain financing thru an FHA or conventional loan. FHA has many incentives to qualified buyers. HUD will cancel the contract after the 45 days are up and you have not closed for whatever reason. An extension to the contract may be granted but it costs $375.00 per 15 days for sale price over $50,000. Usually only one extension is allowed.

Step 6. Closing – The buyer may choose the bank or mortgage company and title company of their choice. You cannot make any repairs to the property before closing. The title company will notify HUD and buyer of the closing date with at least three days notice. Buyer must bring a cashier’s check to the closing as no personal checks are allowed.

Buying a HUD home in the Miami real estate market is a complicated and detailed process. Be sure the agent knows all the procedures and rules of the HUD homes process as any mistakes made in the contract, forms and or deadline missed will cause your bid to be cancelled and given to the next bidder. The inventory of HUD homes has decreased dramatically in recent years since buyers were not getting FHA loans and were opting for conventional products instead. Recently the FHA loans inventory has picked up and the amount of HUD homes available for sale has been increasing. HUD homes are an excellent opportunity for buyers interested in Miami real estate to buy a home at a discounted price.

3 Reasons to Invest in Dallas Commercial Real Estate

Are you looking for a stable investment opportunity that will yield almost immediate ROI (return on investment)? You should really be looking into the Dallas commercial real estate market.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. After the housing bubble burst in 2008, a lot of people got scared away from investing in any kind of real estate. However, it’s been over 6 years since that happened, and in the past few years we’ve watched the market recovering steadily. Furthermore, Dallas commercial investment property really didn’t see the same damage that residential property values saw because the demand for retail and other commercial spaces never disappeared.
Management Is Easier

Whether you’re investing in an apartment complex, a commercial retail building, or any other piece of Dallas commercial real estate, you’re going to have an easier time managing it than you would a number of single-family residential properties. For much lower management and maintenance costs, you’ll get a much higher ROI.

Think of it this way. You’re going to have to hire a property management company. That company will most likely charge you a monthly rate to take care of the properties you agree upon. If you have single-family residences all over town, your property management company’s rate is going to be a lot higher than if you have them taking care of a single building with multiple units.
Less Risk

In Dallas, a commercial investment property will usually include several units that you can lease out to retailers, restaurants, or other commercial tenants. When you choose a property like this, you could have as many as 10-20 tenants per property. If one leaves or has to be evicted, you’ll only lose a fraction of the income you’re generating on the property.
More Opportunities With Investment Companies

Going the commercial route also opens a lot of doors for you, even if you don’t have the capital to purchase a whole commercial property on your own. With the help of one of Dallas’ commercial real estate companies, you can pool your funds with others to purchase a property together.

With the help of Dallas commercial real estate companies, you’ll get a better idea of which properties are the best investments, and you’ll be more likely to get a better ROI, both in the short- and long-term.

As a huge hub of business and commerce, Dallas has a lot of commercial real estate investment opportunities. If you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio and give yourself a stable fund for your future, you should really consider this avenue. While no investment is ever 100% guaranteed, commercial real estate is one of the easiest, most secure, and best investments around.

Real Estate Investment Business Plan – a Detailed Outline for Success

The real estate marketplace can fluctuate dramatically and unpredictably leaving as many stories of failure as there are stories of success.  The best way to help stack the odds in your favor is to have a solid real estate investment business plan.  A business plan is a detailed outline that includes a clearly stated objective and a how you are going to achieve that objective – in this case real estate.  It should contain methods of securing financial support, either through partners or loans, and be able to describe ways of limiting fiscal risks.  It should also list certain criteria that will distinguish between investments that are likely to provide a profit and those that are likely to create a loss.  Finally, it should delineate clear methods of procuring a steady stream of buyers.

The first step to success is to find potential investments.  The basic principle to follow is to buy low and sell high.  Situations that depress a property’s asking price include foreclosure, owner death, IRS issues, illness, divorce, relocation and job transfer.  In a number of these cases, a bank or financial institution assumes ownership over the asset.  Hoping to reclaim some of their financial losses, they sell off as much of these assets as possible.  This typically happens to houses that have come under bank ownership.  The asking price for these houses is generally much lower than market value.  These types of situations are advantageous to an investor because a lower asking price ensures a higher profit margin.  A successful real estate investment business plan should include as many of these beneficial opportunities as possible, thus increasing the likelihood of a greater profit margin.

The next principle of any business plan is to secure the funding needed to get started and keep the process going.  When dealing with real estate, this part is usually straight forward and easy.  Ideally the money for the initial investment would come from your own savings or a trusted partner.  In this way, while you are risking your own money, failure would not harm your ability to garner future loans from banks or mortgage lenders.  However, not everyone has enough personal capital to begin buying real estate.  This is where proven time tested techniques are utilized to secure the funds needed from joint venture partners or private lenders.  Both of these groups are mainly interested in two items; One – how secure is their money and Two – How much will they be paid.  As long as it is a truly good deal you should have no problem finding the money.  Do not be afraid to share some of your profits to your money partner, better to share some than not be able to do the deal and make nothing.   The idea is to secure the loan, purchase the property, sell the property, and then pay off the investor.  Using this method you can buy real estate without any personal financial commitment.

Finally, a real estate investment business plan should include a stable method to facilitate a deal with your exit strategy.  This should consist of a manner to procure buyers, in the marketplace. There is no shortage of these, and it is a way to close the deals that ensures the highest possible profit margin possible.  It may be a good idea to hire an advisor at this point if you are not confident with your own experience.  In the beginning it is a good idea to re-invest the profit.  In this way you can create more opportunities to earn more money, thus securing the ultimate goal: financial success.

5 Ways To Advertise Your Real Estate Business

With the introduction of new products and the growth of the purchasing power of the people continually escalates, it can be said that the advertising industry became fully energized. That’s why even with the dawn of the new technology, advertising still continues to dominate the business world. As most business people asserts, business can never succeed without advertising.

And so, in the real estate business, advertising remains to proliferate with more ways that could increase productivity.

However, for those who still don’t know how to maximize the potential of advertising in increasing their real estate sales, here are some ways to brood over:

1. Web site listings.

Real estate businesses may consider the benefits of advertising their products or services online. In this manner, they could even increase their market share by accessing those who cannot be reached by simple ways of promotions and advertising.

People behind the real estate business may choose from the different web site listings available in the Internet today.

2. Search engines registration.

Real estate businessmen may also opt for the sear engines that are available in the Internet. With a reasonable amount, real estate businesses may promote their products online and may get more exposure through search engines. Two of the most common search engines are Google and Yahoo. So, if the business is listed at these sites, chances are they’ll reap more profits than they could imagine.

3. Banner ads.

Banner ads are those ads that appear on top of a certain sponsoring website. It contains the business’ name and the hyperlink that connects the customer to the business’ site.

In this way, real estate entrepreneurs may take the chance of increasing their exposure online by letting the people know that they exist.

4. Emails.

Real estate businesses may also resort to this kind of advertising. Though, special considerations should be made when constructing emails so that it will not be categorized as spam.

Also, to maximize the use of this advertising technique, the real estate business must also have an email list of their potential buyers.

5. The basics.

It still pays to be traditional. In fact, one of the best ways to advertise a product is to use the traditional method of advertising – the print and the broadcast advertisements. There are people who would rather see the ads on television or in newspapers than online.

But whatever type of advertising a real estate business use, one thing is bound to help them boost their sales and profit. It just needs the skill to decide which would go best with the business.

Why Investing In Commercial Real Estate In USA Is Profitable

Many people are aware of the huge benefits of investing in real estate. Most of us though, start out by investing in residential real estate simply because we understand the process of buying homes. However, if you are considering investing in real estate, it’s about time you sat up and took notice of commercial real estate. It can be a great way to balance your portfolio. You just need to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the commercial real estate market and understand why and how it can yield high returns. Here are some reasons that might help you look at investing in commercial real estate in a more positive light and show you why it is an excellent investment option:

Substantial Income: One of the biggest benefits to investing in Commercial Real Estate in the USA is that assets are generally secured by leases which provide a regular income stream, significantly higher than typical stock dividend yields.

Appreciation of Asset Value: Commercial real estate investments have long provided an excellent appreciation in value that meet and exceed other investment types. Property can generally increase in value based on external factors such as supply and demand imbalances and internal factors such as proactive management—making cost-effective improvements to the property that improves the usability and desirability of the asset. You can hire a Commercial real estate management firm to assist you with this.

Provides Superior Leverage Against Inflation: Commercial real estate investments have had the highest correlation to inflation when compared to other asset classes. As the USA, Asia, and Europe continue to carry out policies to print more money to spur economic growth, it is important to recognize the benefits of owning commercial real estate as a hedge against inflation. When inflation occurs, the price of real estate and multi-tenant assets in particular, that have a high ratio of labor and replacement costs, also rise.

Strong Asset Value: Commercial real estate is one of the few investment classes that is a hard asset that has meaningful intrinsic value. The property’s land as well as the structure have value. By choosing the location and quality of the asset wisely, investors can benefit from the security of knowing that they own an asset that has the potential to earn income regardless of what happens to the existing tenant(s). For this reason, commercial real estate investments do not fluctuate with the same volatility as the stock market.

As with any investment, it pays to do your homework. Research the previous vacancy rates and talk to storefront managers and find out what they like—and don’t—about doing business in that property or area. Once you take the time to understand the intricacies of investing in commercial itcan prove to be an extremely rewarding venture, both financially and personally. personally.

Growth of Jaipur Real Estate business

Jaipur is now coming up as a best tourist place. As its outer boundary is colored in pink so its also named as pink city. This was one of the cities which were planned in a systematic manner. Many investors see Jaipur as the right place to invest in. Real estate investment in Jaipur is the best place for investing money for those people who are genuinely interested in investing. Jaipur real estate is the most attractive option for investors. Jaipur is now trying to become a developed state.

In almost every field including education, tourism or infrastructure it is achieving great popularity and success. By most of the investors real estate Jaipur is chosen as their top most priority. The reason behind this is that Jaipur is really growing a lot in all fields and attracting investors towards it. In the current time people who are investing in Jaipur real estate are achieving lots of profits as it gives lot of opportunities to the investors. People basically invest their lot of money in real estate Jaipur and it gets converted to hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. so people avail such wonderful opportunities which promise them to have enormous gains through it.

If you want to invest in less risky and more profitable situations then Jaipur is the right choice for it. Property in Jaipur is such that when at the time of investment it asks for very less amount but at the time of giving returns to the investors it opens a jackpot for the investor. Jaipur is now playing very important role as a commercial market all over India. Many tourists are attracted towards it because of its heritage .Jaipur is known because of the lifestyle of people who are living here. Because of the increase in the population of the city, real estate Jaipur is also developing at a very fast rate. Jaipur property ranks second after Bangalore in the most developing cities list in India.

Property in Jaipur which is near to airport, metro which is going under construction at present, areas near malls are having increase in their prices. Property in Jaipur is used in all sectors like commercial, residential and retail. Property in Jaipur is used to make wonderful infrastructure, parks, etc. The boom is recognized in both the commercial and retail property in Jaipur. Many people come and invest in the Property in Jaipur, and earn unlimited profits out of it. The projects are coming basically because of the growth in different areas like mining, cement, steel, diamond and many more. Jaipur   properties are becoming popular for many serious investors. Many skyscrapers are going to be built in Jaipur, as there is a lack of space in the city areas.

The height of buildings is 1.5 times that of the width of the road which is in front of it. Looking at the current development of the city, it feels like Jaipur is now going to be developed into mall culture and IT hub. The growth at the infrastructure level adds to the business of real estate growth in Jaipur. So by this Jaipur is becoming more and more popular and investors from different areas come here and invest in the property here, and gain lots of profits.